08 6月 2013


(Real day of post: 3日6月2013年, a las 17:38ぽい)

From someone elses perspective: "seems u like him more...he's kinda reserved...".

Yea. . .
I can see that.

mm. . . .

People tend to invest based on how much they like a person,
though now i know not to do that.

I could use a run and a strong drink right now.

Which reminds me.
Got another call from Andrew.
He didn't leave a message so didn't call him back.

I don't know why he keeps calling.
Maybe the silence I have given him isn't understood. . .

mm. . . . .

I guess its that way with me too.

I shouldn't even ask myself that.

It totally is!

And it definitely was like it that one time,
so why would that change?
Looking at myself from the outside

i would say more or less the same thing,
that you like him more and should move on.
There will be many others.

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