05 6月 2013


(Real day of post: 30日5月2013年, a las 00:33)

    I think sometimes it's just a little difficult, and during those times when I feel it difficult I'm not sure what to think of, or what to do. . . Sometimes it happens when I'm laying down relaxing. Which is like the worst time it can happen. So i guess that is where the working out comes in, because it helps me avoid my own thoughts. Most definitely not the best solution.

    It's like how Jose said ''your mind is saying something but your heart is saying no no no''. I think that is definitely what it is that I am feeling. But I need to learn how to detach myself from that. It's my attachment that I need to let go of. I guess I'll have to ask him again while we're having lunch. He may not have an answer but sometimes it helps to listen to what friends have to say.

    On the good side, I have a road rave this friday a little bit after class. I'm gonna be on rollerblades instead of the bike just cuz I don't feel like carrying my bike inside the subway, so in that sense rollerblades are easier to carry around. Maybe I should cancel. . .cuz I really need to be focusing on my thesis and 2 finals and I should take as much time into those 3 things. I know I haven't read enough for the thesis.

    Yea. . .maybe I should cancel then. There will be other road raves and critical mass that I can join on the next month.

    Ok, that's what I'll do. Cuz then also I have the 5K glow in the dark on saturday night. Yup. That's what I'm doing. more running and dancing.

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