04 6月 2013

Get ready

 (Real day of post: 22日5月2013年, a las 02:09)

    So I'm writing this at 2 in the morning. WUUUAAAAAA! SO LONG!

    It felt a little overwhelming at first, but as I got done with it (presentation stuff for tomorrow: i'll be talking about Disney animation and disney park), I felt entitled to a break that didn't include sleeping nor playing mushroom wars on iphone. . . Yea, i'm weird.

    But at least i got it done! XD

    Basically 3 weeks left for this quarter, so it's gonna be reeeeally busy, until summer starts (which i have about 2 week break before my summer class starts). But even then, i'm only taking 1 summer class, online, for animation so i'll have plenty of time for other work related stuff. and 10K training. 10K may not be much for my bro, but for me it seems like a lot.

    So yea. . . i think i'm gonna be too busy to even show up for lunches on thursdays. The most I can do is go on wednesdays since its during my break and i don't have to spend so much time commuting. Plus i'm in the city all day because of a night class, so it would be quick anyways.

    Get ready to be exhausted. . .

    I already feel it since everytime i'm not doing something physical or talking i start falling asleep on the spot. I can't help it. Atleast i sleep like a rock. . .That helps.

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