29 12月 2013



     Apparently my friend takes his time to watch things like this ---> here. (>____>)/ I'm not sure what the purpose is. . . He asked me "what girl do you think I am interested in?". I answered, "um . . . . . . . . . . I dunno, who?". But they are wearing winter clothes so I can't see too much their figure, and I don't like girls. . . Still I tried to make a comment. ^^''

     But as a woman I am disappointed. It reminded me of how women over there don't know how to walk in heels. It's depressing to see heels being treated like that. . . I don't wear heels too much because I am already tall, and also because it messes up with your balance and is not good for your posture. Although I do like to use em for special occasions.
     Like party, . . . . or . . . . . .hmm. . . . .taking photos. It was really fun when I was a model for my photographer friend. I wanna do it again. :) Hmm I should probably see how he is doing. It feels quiet now that he went back to Korea. :/ In any case, I now have friends to visit. Jajajaja. In Korea and Shanghai/Hong Kong, and Indonesia. That should be an adventure! :D I want to see everything so I really have no number 1 thing, just a bunch of stuff. XD I'm just not sure if I want to eat crickets or cockroaches. >/////<

    Oh! I know! I want to go to kamakura festival in Akita (winter). For certain! And I have to search a marathon route for me and my brother. +_+ We talked about it the other day, and apparently the little sister (me) is now responsible of him when he goes to Japan and have to do everything for him. I don't mind. But can he trust me ? >:PPPP Hmmmm . . . . I wonder. jajajaja.

     Naaaaah. I wouldn't do that to him. .
     . . . .I think. :P

     Also, I changed my phone from spanish to japanese. I told myself, "stop avoiding it. you can do it!!!", so I did it, and now it looks like this --->

     I remember when 尾花先生 asked me, "what language do you think in?". We (me, another girl from japanese class, and jose were with her at the movie theater). I told her it depends. For example, if it's math I think all in spanish. I can't think about math in english. If i am reading, I'm thinking in spanish. ( I still ask people "how do you say this?" or just guess. ) And when I talk, I am thinking in spanish and english and japanese. When I am dreaming, it's mostly no words or a little english, because I think a lot in pictures. Not words.
     That's why, if you ask me to say my feelings, I'll be like, "um . . . . . . . (o____o)/". If you ask me to explain something, it's easier to draw it for you.

     If I am writing, I think in english. But this is normal for me. Then she asked me, "what is hard about japanese class?". I said, "when i don't know the meaning in english". XD I think this is good actually cuz then I will learn the word in japanese. Bad side is I don't know in english. . . . >__>/
     Recently my other teacher 近松 asks us how can we say something in english (from japanese). Like, which way is better. Or what is the difference between ---- and ---. I will understand in japanese, but I am not a native speaker of English so I can't answer those questions.

    I have told many of my friends that when you learn a language, things like kanji, vocab, etc is not difficult. What is difficult is remembering, and not asking too much "why" in the beginning. For example, it is a waste of time to ask "why do they use kanji? why don't they use only kana?". Most of the why questions is what makes us think too much. AFTER you can use the language well, and feel like a native, THEN you can ask why. But in the beginning this will only make things more difficult.

     Also I've said that when you learn a language, your brain is like this: (example! not real numbers)

     100% = native language.

After learning a new language:
60% = native language, 40%= new language.

You don't ADD more space to your brain. XD It's like, you take away something in order to put something new.

And now I will go to sleep to this song. 

28 12月 2013

Shanghai Calling


     I keep getting text messages from a cellphone number that I don't know of. . . o__o? hmmm

     Couldn't sleep at all last night. I think i slept maybe 2 hours. hmmm, but i dont really want to say why. 
          Just troubled. I felt like crying but I didn't.

     I had fun playing Twister, although I don't appreciate being tickled or bumped into. That's cheating. >:| And it was nice to just talk to friends. Last time I finally was able to see Yoko at dim sum before she left. I think she is really busy recently. ? She told me her brother lives in Tokyo and that when I am there he can help me with housing. Why is Tokyo so expensive? T__T

     That day, my mo's friend Beth brought us flowers. White flowers !! :DDD I love white flowers. :3

     Today is the last day for medicine. Hopefully I wont get a reaction again. Yesterday evening, me and Jose had to rush to get more benedryl because I was turning red all over. He was helping me with my graduate application. But if something does happen, all I can do is go to the hospital again. I don't want to do that again. Only because I can't run or work-out so much under these medicines. Can't take a shower without fainting. hm.

     This is really going to affect my race in January. . . . I haven't been able to practice as much as I should.

     I think I'll go swimming tomorrow. Lately I don't want to think. I just want to run until I can't run anymore.

     Also, today I finished watching the movie "Shanghai Calling". I really like it! *^^* I'm envious of the mother.

     Right now my mom has a show on TV, and there's a wedding.  How nice. ^^

23 12月 2013



      This medicine makes me really sleepy. It's like I use all of my energy in a few hours, and have nothing left. But I can still function. ^^ Today they drew my blood so that they can do a blood test. It's just to check if I'm at high risk for high cholestorol cuz its very common in my dad's side of the family, and to check if I have low red blood cell count.

      When I donated blood, I only passed the red blood cell count test by .1 point, and my mom has always had low red blood cell count so I just wanna make sure if I have that same issue or not.

      Anyway, on the 26th I'll have friends come over. My moms friends will come too. But I can't drink too much because of the medicine. . .bad combination. . . .(>   3  >)/  Jose will be staying over again on the sofa. I think he's already become part of the family; like a family friend. I'll have to clean my bathroom, and clear out the table so we can put the food on it.

      I also invited annie but i didn't tell her that it's not just her who will be here. I think it's better if she doesn't know.

22 12月 2013




 I took the medicine and finished this before I become sleepy again.



    全部腫れて、ムズムズじゃん!Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

    もちろん、いつもこの薬 (benedryl) 飲んではいけないかもね。この問題続くと、医者と会う。。。。I'm scared(´・_・`)

反応(はんのう): reaction/ response
腫れる(はれる): to become swollen, to swell (from inflammation)

17 12月 2013

What makes you feel...


     What makes you feel like a citizen of your country?

  1. I make hand gestures while I'm talking on the phone
  2. when we have drinks, I always go for the ones with coconut/pineapple/bananas; you know the tropical fruits.
  3. I can never handle the cold (but because I need to survive, I bundle up in more layers than the people that live here). What can I say, I love summer. :3
  4. there is always rice, beans, and farina in the house, and we have to immediately go to the supermarket when we run out of rice.
     I just read this article ( can see here ) and I actually agreed with a couple of things, even though I am not japanese. For example:

  1. Like the hotel beds things: I can sleep on the floor better than those super fluffy beds. It hurts my back. . . Recently I slept on the sofa at my friends house, and it was really fluffy and nice to lay on but I kept on waking up at night, and when I finally woke up, my back really hurt.
  2. When the train is not on-time. It really annoys me. Trains or public transportation in US is nothing like in Japan, but when I have to be somewhere on-time, I get annoyed that it doesn't come on-time. Otherwise I have learned to ignore it.
  3. When restaurants don't have that little thing to put your chopsticks, even if its a 'japanese' restaurant.
  4. Toilets: I miss the bidet function.
  5. Showers: they're too tall and I don't have the function to control the water pressure. >_> And I can't sit down. lol. And I can't splash water everywhere. Actually I miss all things about showers and bathrooms over there.

     So that's it for me. :P



マークのおかげでAdobe Master Collection CS6あるよ〜〜〜〜ん。:3

16 12月 2013

End of the year question

ポストした日: 16日12月2013年

What is the worst thing that happened this year?

     Well my dog Muchi passed away. I think it was a really sad thing for me. Even now I cry more easily in movies or get emotional when I see other dogs or peoples' pets. It still feels like it happened recently, but I have to make progress. ^^

What is the best thing that happened this year?

     Oh! I know this one! Meeting Kento. :3 Now every time that I go to Cafecito I remember our meeting and just smile to myself. So I'm glad we met there because I always think about that. What will I do without him?(・_・;

What is your favorite app/game/book/show?

     Hmmm well I dont have a favorite app, but I do use Manga Rock, Tapastic, and the internet for japanese dictionary A LOT! Especially the dictionary one. 

     Favorite book? Umm. . . 黎明のアルカナ and this diary thing. I am almost done with it! ! ! And show? I think it would be these-----> Sleepy Hollow, Once Upon A Time, Witches of East End, Atlantis, Game of Thrones. I really liked D の嵐 and We Got Married (korean) but now I dont have sources to watch it .。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

What are the 3 best things you bought this year?

     A ももちゃん cellphone chain. (It's so cute! When they come together, they kiss. \\\^__^\\\) And then my running clothes and a bigger RAM and hard disk for my laptop. To tell you the truth, I feel so sexy in my running pants/shorts. Even after I come home all covered in sweat. 

What is your new years resolution?

     Same as last year, be better in japanese. But this year I want to add "Make a bigger art portfolio for future job opportunities", and less stress. I learned that my skin and periods are really sensitive to stress, and I dont want something worse to happen to my body just because of stress. >__>"

10 12月 2013



内定(ないてい):unofficial offer, informal (job) offer
いくつも:many, a great number of ~
就活(しゅうかつ):short version of job-hunting
失敗する(しっぱい):failure, to fail
極度(きょくど):maximum, extreme [極度に: extremely]
恐れ(おそれ):fear, horror, anxiety, concern, uneasiness
望む(のぞむ):to desire, wish for
得る(える):to get, obtain, acquire [食べ得る: to be able to eat/can eat]
下がる(さがる):to fall, to lack (in amount)
傾向(けいこう):trend, tendency


     After job hunting, students who receive many informal job offers from corporations are called, "shuukatsu erito". They know techniques (to use) in interviews. They have an extreme fear of failure and if they don't receive their desired job, there is a tendency for their motivation to drop. Their reputations from a company's side/perspective is not good.

     Students who receive many informal job offers from corporations after job hunting are called, "shuukatsu erito". They know what techniques to use in interviews. They also have an extreme fear of failure and if they don't receive the job they desire, their motivation tends to drop. From a company's perspective, they don't have good reputations.

     Students who gain many informal job offers after a period of job hunting are called, "shuukatsu eriito". They know the best techniques to use in interviews. They are extremely afraid of failure, and tend to lack motivation in their work if they don't obtain the position they desire. They have a bad reputation among corporations.


Why do mothers who are at the park not become intimate friends with me?
親しい(したしい):intimate, close (friends)
言い方(いいかた):one's way/point, complaint, excuse
幼い(おさない):(my) young
連れて行く(つれていく):to bring (a person)
無視する(むし):to ignore


     Recently I brought my young son to a nearby park for the first time but... 「他の母親が厳しいですからびっくりしました。私を無視しましただけです。オーストラリアには他の親としゃべて子供に一緒に遊ばせてもらうことが普通です。外国人ですから?」

     I took my young son to a nearby park for the first time recently and was shocked that all the other mothers were so unwelcoming. They just ignored me. In Australia, it would be normal to exchange friendly small talk with other parents and let their kids play together. Is it because I'm foreign?

     Sadly, I lost the files to the complete article so I only have this tiny bit and I added the other japanese portion (that I lost) in the translation section. Of course these are my own words, not what the article said. T^T But I still wanted to put it up because I remembered that this article was very interesting. !



育児(いくじ):upbringing, childcare/rearing
積極的(せっきょくてき):assertive, positive, active, proactive
語呂合わせ(ごろあわせ):a play on words, rhyming game
手助け(てだすけ):a help, (who) play (a) part in


Men who [do an active role/are active] in childrearing are called Ikumen. It is a play on the word Ikemen which has the meaning of a cool, handsome guy. Recently grandfathers who [are a help/play a part] in childrearing are also increasing. They are called, "ikujii". "Jii" comes from the "jii" of "ojiisan" which means grandfather.



     My computer is fixed but now I don't have photoshop TT______TT! ! ! ! ! ! !
     I need to find a serial number but there aren't many for mac. . .

06 12月 2013






FB でこれポストしたよ。
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You know when you need 50 more cents and your friend gives it to you,
or when your friend treats you to lunch; it makes you feel just that more special because you're not alone. ^^ 

This time photoshop won't even open on my computer so I had to use Sketchbook Pro, but I saved the file so I can touch it up later to be more clean.




    ちょっとびっくりしたけどさ全部分かれた!(^  v    ^)〜



      まだパソコンで絵を描けないわ!!。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 I need to fix my hard drive and get a bigger one. 









04 12月 2013



 日本語が上手になるように様々なやつ出来るでしょ?はじめに、私にとって、カナの表をウェッブで調べて自分で読み書きを勉強した。(5 letters per week)この時まだ高校生だったから宿題が多くてたくさん時間がなかったけど、休憩の時に、なんか、昼ご飯を食べないで友達と図書館でしゃべたりカナの書き方を練習したりしたものだ。学校の後でも家ついてもっと勉強してた。例えば寝る前に(while laying down)、カナの読み書きを考えて想像して寝てた。さて、高校の卒業の後は自分に習える日本語の教科書を買って毎日単語や文法を勉強して、言葉を忘れないようにステッカーである言葉と使い方と意味を書いて、例えば「かがみ:かがみをのぞく(to look in the mirror)」があって、それから、かがみにこの特定のステッカーをかけた。それにかがみを使うとそのステッカーをいつも見てきて、今もその単語を忘れれない。

 とにかく、大学に入って留学したかったから、その前に、シカゴでChicago Japanese Societyを通して(実は、本当の名前もう忘れちゃったんだけど。。。)ある日本語のクラスを取って日本に行ったわ。:D留学する時にも小さなクラスを取ったけど、超難しくないから新しいことを全然習わなかった。笑。しかし、ホストファミリを通して習ったやつが多く!


 2年生になったから今にかけて日本語のクラスを取って続かれた。クラスをする間にパーソナル日本語の日記、日本語でのドラマとアニメ(韓国のドラマも:3)、英語とスペイン語出来ない人と話す、小説、日本語でウェッブやケイタイ使う、ギャグの漫画を読む、日本語を勉強してる友達ともっと日本語で話す、歌詞や色んなことを翻訳する、ポッドキャストと教科書の会話を聞く、Hiragana Timesという雑誌を通して読めて新しい事を習えて会話を聞けて翻訳するのを練習出来る、たくさん楽しくて面白いこと出来るよ。で、心配しないで、言語を勉強してる人。一生懸命に頑張って楽しんでね!





休憩(きゅうけい):intermission, break, rest, recess 
特定(とくてい):specific, special, particular
noun~を通して(とおして):through ~, via ~ (実はこれが練習点)

02 12月 2013





どうしようかな。だって自分の日常生活のギャグ漫画と祖父祖母の漫画もあるけど「混ざった方がいい?」と考えてる。探さなきゃ!Tapasticにもポストしたいけどウェッブの歴史が良いから、悩んでる。一方面白くて楽しい漫画読めるね。^^ ーーー>例えば今日新しいの習った。



記念:memory, commemoration 
選択(する):choice, option; to choose
気がする:to have a certain feeling/mood
[ ---> 歌いたい気がする。I feel like singing. ]


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