04 6月 2014



   So here is a little update in regards to my job offers and what not:

  1. I got a job offer from Interac (but there is a high chance that this job starts in April of NEXT YEAR)
  2. I'm waiting on a reply from 2 other places: one place that teaches/tutors mostly in the Kanto and part of Kansai. Although I am a little worried about living arrangements just cuz' I haven't had time to look at them yet.

    And the other place that teaches around, like south....part of Kanto and mostly in the middle of Japan, and then Hiroshima.
  3. I wasn't accepted by the university that I sent my application to. +_+ Why is it so damn difficult? That will be 300+ dollars I will never see again. (TT_TT )
   The interview for the other two places actually wasn't that hard at all. I'm never worried about one-to-one interviews simply because they always have a routine. It's just a matter of remembering certain answers like "what are your strengths and weaknesses?", and do your research about that company (meaning: read their website, what they are about, their benefits, etc) so that you have something to say when they ask, "why do you want to work with us?".

   Interview process with all these places are a bit long, so make sure you write your answer down and stay consistent. You can add stuff, but don't change your answer. That's when they'll be like. . . ."does she know what she's talking about?". 
   You don't want that.

   Otherwise, gonna enjoy studying on my own for this 1 month. Month 2 I have a TEFL certification class. I need to ask someone if I can stay with them :/. Otherwise I will be sleep-deprived!!!!!! And that shit adds up!

   Still have 2 weeks left, before graduation. In other words = tons and tons and shit-load of work. T_T

   Wanted to give a quick comment:
         I'm very happy that it's been 8 months now! There's still so many things I want to go together that we haven't done. 花火大会. I'm like. . . .itching from excitement to wear my yukata again. :3 And I TOTALLY forgot how to put one on, so I actually found an article that explains how to put it on in one of my magazines. 

   I told my mom she doesn't need to wear a bra since she's big enough (up there. . .) that it will hold her up. 

         There are times though when I'm very confused, so I ask about a lot of things. At times it feels like that 1st week of going out where, it's better if I just don't ask. But then my feelings and thoughts will only grow and grow, if I don't ask. Sometimes I wished I didn't have to ask all the time, and was just told about everything. 

03 6月 2014

彼に確認してみよう。Let's Confirm Him Pt.2

  If we talk in regards to number 2 (He treats you special), "He always gives presents only to me" "Everyone tells me cellphone numbers I don't know of" "Sometimes he brings me to his work place" "In christmas and birthdays we spend time together; just the two of us" "As a woman, he invites only me to a special party that he has supervised" "He introduced me to his parents". Even if you have these things it is not restricted to dating.
Based on these things, let's check
    Why ishe being unusually particular about not dating?
    What would you do if you knew whether or not you are dating?
    If you understand you are not dating, what is a good way to cope?
and talk about these things.

CHECK! Are you dating? Are you not dating?

Why is he fixated over this thing about "not dating"?
Even though it looks like as if 2 people are dating, why isn't he paying attention to this "not dating" concept?

Because "dating" is a contract where "instead of the other person giving their heart and body to you, you are offering your own heart and body to the other person". If it's the case where he has already obtained your heart, or your heart and body, before he signed this dating contract with you, it's not necessary to dedicate or offer your own heart and body to him right?!
If he is not dating you, you have a lot of advantages. For example, it's also not necessary to think about marriage because he is not criticized even when going on dates with other women. Your privacy is not interfered, and you don't have the situation where a lover is assessed around other guy friends.
For example, if he has a girlfriend and is dating you, that becomes two-timing. This certainty turns into a dishonest behaviour to you too. But if you are not dating, both you and the other person have an excuse.

Part 1 is here.

01 6月 2014





 私の国に大きいな問題は朝ご飯を食べない人が多いわけじゃなくて、テレビを見ながら晩ご飯を食べる人が多いわけじゃなくて、しかも、一人で食事を食べる人が増えるもわけじゃなくて、太る人が多い。実は、「食事」にはお互いによくゆっくり食べながら話していて、ジョークしてます。パーティーだったら踊るのが普通です。「食事」も健康ですけど、デブエットしている場合を増えています。つまり、 皆は食事の量は大きい過ぎて食べ過ぎてデブになることを「デブエットする」と言います。



こうせんじゅう:ray gun


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