27 9月 2012

What I Want In a Guy

 Hello again. ^^
 There are a few things I want to talk about today:
 Last time I talked about a bag I wanted to make, and so far I made some changes to the design. Personally, I couldn't see some of the pictures from the tutorial clearly so I made up whatever came to mind. For example, I
made up the connection between the petals of the flower. For the string that goes around in a circle, I connected them to each other with a regular knot. Although the knot is in the inside of the bag, so that it's not seen and it's not like I added an extra knot.
  I haven't taken a picture yet of the rest of the pattern that goes around the bag, only because it takes a LONG time to have something picturable. Is that a word? Pictureable? It is now. :P
  While doing this, I've had some strings break on me, but now that I have my crafty glue, I can glue the ends back together and keep using the same string. You don't need any specific glue. The one I have cost around 6$, 59.1mL, called Amazing Goop: Craft Arte. It's clear transparent, and on the label it says "Contact, Adhesive and Sealant". The only bad part is that it's harmful to breath in, so I open the doors and windows to have good air ventilation. Be careful if you are looking for these glues. I looked at another glue and said it may cause cancer,.!!! WHAAAAAAT? No cancer for me!! O_O

 I wanted to post a short paragraph I wrote. It was optional to do it for class, so I didn't turn it in. It's just a way to practice for me. I also use Lang-8 to get people's opinion on corrections, which you can see here. Here it is:



 I wanted to ask: does anyone know the difference when using Anki and Studyblue? I feel like Studyblue looks more modern, but has less features than Anki. They are both notecard programs for studying, but at the moment I am undecided. I am not in a rush to find out, but I would like to be organized about my notecards. A person I know gave me the idea (basically do what that person does): add words/kanji/etc. when I come across them, and just to add to my personal vocab.

And lastly,
 today I have a date. I couldn't exactly say no, even though I'm not interested in him in that way...I'm not sure why I got myself in this situation, but I have to think of a way to turn someone down. Graaa! I'm not good at these things. I guess I thought I could make a friend out of this, but I know sometimes that doesn't always work. One-sided love doesn't lead to a healthy friendship. I think it makes things messy and unnecessary. So probably he's telling his Bfs that he has a date, but it will not end well. He's just not my type.. If I had to make a list of things that I like in a guy (physically), I will say this:

  1. has to be clean. You know, take showers/baths every day, take care of his skin, wash hair. I don't like looking at a face I'm about to kiss and think "Holly shit, there is no way my face is touching that". It's just nice to put your fingers through some nice hair and touch a clean face yeah?! I tried to let it pass with one guy, but after we kissed (which has very short anyway) all I could think about was going home and scrubbing and using a face mask.
  2. needs to have a plan for his life. It doesn't have to be detailed, but I don't want to waste my time on someone who doesn't know what to do with his life, or knows what to do but not know HOW to do it. I have a plan for my life, and I can't be with someone who holds me back. In other words, know what they want and go for it. I am that same way, so i would like someone that encourages me and i will do the same.
  3. has to dress well. I'm not asking for a suit everyday; that's not realistic. But I would be embarrassed if he is wearing sweat pants everyday.. It's hard to say because people's style differs, but I'm asking not to be sloppy and wear baggy pants that I can see his underwear. You know, wear clothes that fit their body nice, and not baggy shit, or clothes with holes that scream "throw me away in the trash". Basically just understand style, and know there are different clothes for different occasions. I'm sure this is not hard to understand.
  4. how to dance. This one i'm not very picky about, because if he doesn't know how to dance, he can learn. This is more one of those things that impress me. I've always loved to dance and have a good time and so I want to share that with the person I'm with. Of course, you need the right music too. My favorite is merengue.
  5. oh and definitely not too muscular or too skinny. I guess I like slim guys. I don't like that look of their arm muscles bulging out because they can't fit into their shirt sleeves. I'm talking about when guys only work out their upper body cuz they think it's cool. Well sorry, I don't like that. So prefer for them to be healthy in general, just not extreme skinny. For me, I like to stare at a guys back and how wide it is. But when he turns around and I see that he has bulging muscles and has man boobs that are bigger than mine, then I say no.
  Also, I love love LOVE when a guy is wearing cologne that smells good. Because you can get close and just lose yourself in his sent. Anyway, I think this is all I have. There are other things that I would like, like not be a total asshole, not possessive, blah blah blah, but I think that is more common sense, and it doesn't have to do with the physical stuff. Actually some of these are not physical traits, but more like ability? But yea! This is what I would list. I know I'm not asking for much, and to me this looks realistic. But anyway, this post is getting long. ^^'' What would you want in the person? What attracts you?


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