29 1月 2014

Busy week


  Busy busy busy this week :))
    Gonna start translating a book, have ISEE work stuff, have 3 mentees this quarter (ukraine, taiwan, and china), see friends, see BF, complete InteracNetwork interview process (and hopefully get a job :3. . . .i just hope i don't have to be in Hokkaido >_< It's so cold!), work on Marc's game, finally loose the last 4pounds!!!!!! ( i need to change the way i eat. cuz i have so much rice. . . . . )

    Also I volunteered to help some 後輩 with their japanese (they are 2nd year students with 安納先生) whenever I have the time. Then 安納先生 invited me to come to her little japanese club on Fridays. It's a nice area. Also, she speaks so fast (to everyone), and so sometimes I can't understand her (becuz its so fast). And I can't finish my sentences because she will already understand what I will say. =_= Oh well. There are also 2 other teacher helpers, and I really like them. *^^* They are so nice.
    ( I will ask Anno to write a recommendation for me. :3 )

    I'm so excited :D
    This will be a good year.

23 1月 2014


本当のポストした日:23日1月2014年 (around 2pm-ish)

     1) Cellphone stand came in today ! :D So now I can make better animations for class. Matt (the teacher) looked at my model character sheet and said, "this is great. i would hire you right now. this is what animators are looking for". and I did this --> O_O! And he never gives me a lot of things that I have to work on for the animations. Just a few things here and there, so I must be doing something good. . . .? It made me happy to hear that. ^^

     2) It's way too cold! I want to go to king spa but annie doesn't want to go with me TT_TT. I'll ask her again. :3 I don't wanna be by myself on the girls side ! XD

     3) Cleaned the room. Not much to clean.

     4) Jose was not accepted to JET or Interac T^T. We need to find another way for him to go to Japan. I was surprised at how quickly Interac responded! ! ! We went to eat to make him feel a little better. I'm still a bit shocked. . . In the meantime, I will do my Interac applycation tomorrow (Friday) when I get home. Actually excited! :3

     5) Friday ---> Japanese class (読む前に), ISEE Kick-off Event (mentors and mentees will be paired, and me and other staff will introduce the program and do some activities). After that go eat with work friends, and friends of work friends XD (Dennis wants to  extend our meetings so that we all go eat like. . . .every 2 weeks, but that is kinda expensive so we will do it not as frequently). 
     One time, the subject of kids came up. Do you wanna have kids in the future? He said yes and about 4 kids. Another guy said he would like around 3/4 kids. Then I said, I don't really know how many kids I want, but I don't want 4 kids. That's a lot. . . . They asked me why, and I said, --->

     All the guy has to do is have sex with the girl right? So this isn't OUR pregnancy, its MY pregnancy. I'll be the one being exhausted from creating a second life in my stomach. Plus a woman's body ages like 4 years every time you have a kid. I just can't imagine going through all that pain so many times. But if you're talking about dogs, then I don't mind having 16. I will be extremely happy being a grama and great grama to my doggies. :3 Jajajajaja. 

     6) Was thinking of going dress window shopping with my girlfriend. :3

20 1月 2014



     Feel better today. I asked Jose if he can give 尾花先生 my homework, and just let her know that I will come to class on Wednesday.

     Actually don't have much to say. :3 It's a quiet day and tomorrow I can have the house to myself. It's annoying when I have to concentrate and she turns on the TV, or I am doing homework and she interrupts me a lot.
     Hence why I like to stay in the city more. Less frustration.
     I've already said that they are always negative. Whenever I bring up something that they can work on, they try to say something back to me. I talked about it with Annie and she said the same thing I was thinking. You can't help someone if they don't want to get better. Can't be helped.

     I have this for homework --->




●いろいろな文法や表現を正確に(せいかくに Accurately)に使っているか
●スピーチの流れ(ながれ Flow、Organization)は、わかりやすいか

     Here is what I wrote:




初対面に恥ずかしがり屋性格 (せいかく:personality) があって少しずつカメの家を出ます。そしてほとんどのカメの色がミドリなので、生み出したニックネームの発想がいいのではないでしょう。

自分のくにから他の国に引っ越すことを「移民 (いみん) する」と言います。このこと、他の国に移民して新しい混ざった文化を生み出す人に興味があります。
 例えば、日本にブラジルからの移民と移民の経験 (けいけん) など。


Never eber


     Worst diarrhea ever . . . . . . >_____> / !
     Once I had a migrane and I never want to experience another one ! Same with this ! Never eber eber ebur again! T^T
     I told my friend "i think i'm stubborn becuz all i'm thinking about is "graaa. now i have less homework time", instead of "i hope i get better''  ". Like when I got the allergic reaction, I was more worried about eating than going to the hospital . . . . hmmm. what to do. :/

     Anyway, got hostel "ticket" "space" thingy. :3 Am doing more homework so when he comes, I don't have a lot of work. I asked many of my friends about suggestions for different things, and I think I have a lot of things now. ^^

     Last Friday I had a meeting for Peer Program thingy, and some of us went for lunch after. It's like when you work for a company and then you go to izakaya with your boss (after working). That's exactly what it was except no drinks. And they were nice enough to walk me to the train. (It can get scary at night. . . . for a girl.) One of the guys said he wanted to do this every 2 weeks, and me and Faisal said maybe it's not a good idea because some of us have a budget to keep, and it can become expensive. But it's nice that he also wanted to do something like that. I think after work (when you go drink or eat together) is when you become closer. ^^

     Also ! ! ! ! ! ! the microwave is broken. XD

     And we came up with the idea of doing like a group sleepover so we could all sleep in the living room. Then I added the idea of movies or TV dramas. :3 I know a lot of shows but I watch it mostly on my laptop (no commercials, with subtitles if its in japanese or korean). And then Annie wants to go sledding. I don't mind. ^^

     If I had the money I would try to stay in the city (because it's easier for me and I have more time to finish work and hang out with friends) but I have to save money for Japan. >_<''

16 1月 2014



     Here is the 2nd version of the rough animation. I had fun with it but I want to practice more exaggerated moves, and then finalizing an animation. I want to see something I draw with details (hair, clothes, etc). :3

     For today I will work on Marc's game design, and my own FB comic while I study kanji. Otherwise I am really excited! ! ! ! ! He's coming. *^^* Just have to do a lot of work before he comes here, so I don't have to do a lot when he is here.

     Also, my teacher lent me her book クラスメイトは外国人:多文化共生20の物語. She gave me a months time to go over it. Of course this is not enough, because I read slow. XD But I will try my best to read it in this time.

     It's so cold outside, but I dont feel that way. ^^

13 1月 2014

Tutoring and homework


     Finally finished my animation homework. Done in one day (a few hours. . . . . maybe 2 - 2.5 hours?). And then I looked at the student list of my animation class. I think the teacher scared off some students because now there are only 10 students. ^^'''

     Anyway, here it is. Project was to answer this question --> "how heavy is it?".

     I didn't have time to fix my printer, so I couldn't do the drawings on paper and did it in Photoshop instead. But then I found out that there is something wrong with my photoshop. (not a big deal, but will have to fix this week). 
     Kinda tired right now. . . .

     Was also tutoring Jose in japanese. He still needs a lot of practice with long sentences, noun modification, some vocab, and mostly grammar. He will have to review some grammar that he learned in the first japanese classes. This way long sentences will not become so difficult and he come to easily understand this ---> カップにお湯を入れて3分待てば食べられるカップラーメンは、値段のやさ、簡単さ、種類の多さ等で、特に若者に人気が高く、一人暮らしをしている日本の学生の中には、カップラーメンに毎日のようにお世話になっている人もいると聞きます。

     I also asked if there is anything I can improve in (as a teacher/tutor). So far I am doing a good job. ^^ Later I will have to think of 'how to explain more with more difficult things'. Otherwise he told me I have amazing patience, and being able to break things down (make things easier with a lot of little steps) in order to understand.

     I hope I can become better. >_< Annie said with younger students you just need a lot of energy. Hmmmm . . .

     Suddenly I remember my teachers in Kyoto. The last day of school, after our "graduation" I was the last student to leave. (I forgot how to fold my yukata, so I asked my teacher. ^^''') So I was still folding my yukata and my other teacher Shingo showed up and said, "wo. you're still here?!". I said, "yes. I didn't want messy clothes". So he said he would go with me to the train station (he had to go to the same station but different stop). 

     So then you know, take slippers off, put my shoes on, Shingo walks ahead (we always walk through the shrine. its prettier scenery. plus i liked that shrine. I always waved at the people working in there. XD ), and I say goodbye to my teacher (like an ACTUAL FOREVER goodbye), turn to leave but then I hear her say something. I don't know what she said, but she said something. And I turn around and see her crying, and then I start crying like crazy. 

     I mean like. . . . . the biggest tears in my life. So we are hugging each other and crying together. After a little bit she tells me, "you should leave now". (she knew a little english so I could talk with her) So I say , "yes", look down and turn my back to her. I stop and then just walk away.

     That was the first time in my life when I turned around when leaving. And the first time when I truly cried, AND in front of someone at that! I dunno. Of course, there were some rude people in Japan. There are rude people everywhere. But I had some really good memories. *^^* That was one of them.

     I like to believe that during that trip Japan made my heart softer.


本当のポストした日: 10日1月2014年

     For the first time I'm happy to be in this cold weather. Being in -42 degree (farenheit) weather is so unbearable!!! I don't complain about the cold weather because I know that I already don't like it. Okinawa weather is what I like. *^^* But now that I have experienced what -42 is, I wont feel as bad with 20 degree weather. Still wont like it, but its tolerable. XD

     My muscle feels much better now so I THINK I'll be able to do the race. Have to train!!! ((´・Д・)」

12 1月 2014



     I'm soooooooooo excited :DDDDD
     This is the first time that I'm excited and I'm not jumping up and down. I'm just smiling. . . A LOT. Usually I'm doing a funny dance and hugging everybody and kissing them on the cheek. Have I changed?

     I"M EXCITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     I was a little worried about the cost of New York (spring break), but I found a place :3 And now I can afford to go shopping. :3 Ok not a lot because I already have a lot of clothes. Probably I will spend money more for food. XD I was talking with my mentee Isma, and she told me how she spends most of her money on clothes but I spend most of my money on food and groceries. XD Then we talked about saving money. She tends to spend it, I tend to save it.

     Well with this new years money I did spend a little :3. I renewed my Hiragana Times magazine subscription, but digital version (cheaper and my address WILL CHANGE!), and I got a new clothes from Shibuya. *^^* (I'm still waiting actually, and it's a bit of a surprise so I don't want to say what it is yet. :3) The rest I will save it for the spring break.

     I'll hang out with Isma later, because I was a little busy with the graduate application. And this quarter I am a committee member of the ISEE Mentor Program, but I will also be a mentor. I asked my friend Falsal

     (he also is a committee member. at first he was a mentor but both his mentees didn't need much guidance so they asked him to be a member),

if I can still be a mentor because I like doing it. I don't want to just sit in offices and go to meetings, I want to be outside DOING the work. Plus it will give me experience. I like giving people help. Of course only when they ask or when they want it. I won't ever press myself on someone else. With my mentee it was almost like my child. I didn't want her to grow up. XD But I had to learn to stand aside.

     Ok , so anyway, totally excited BECAUSE !!!!! -----> i got the new clothes, I'll see him *^^*, and now I got a present from the bf that totally matches the new clothes. :33333 AND!!! I can finally apply to study/work in Japan!

     A lot of things will happen this year.


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