28 9月 2013

5000 Questions Part 32

3001. What is your half-birthday?
i have no idea

3002. When is your un-birthday?
what is that?

3003. Do you like movies about:
time travel? yes!
the 80's? sure
drugs? sure
crazy people? yes
hallucinations? yes
aeroplanes? sure?
death? um...well this is kind of broad but sure
life? yes
the meaning of life? not always. sometimes yes, but it really depends on what perspective it takes
fate? sure why not

3005. If you were going to write a book what would it be about?
short stories, or like a collection of short stories/essays/etc.

3006. Is radio obsolete?
mmmm. i don't know what you're talking about >__<

3007. Do you feel like you are entitled to have things without working for them?
no. i like working for things because then i feel like i accomplished something. some people think that i am "just being humble" but that is how i truly feel. i feel guilty or worthless when things are just given to me without me doing anything, and that i don't deserve it BECAUSE i didn't do anything

3008. If yes than why do you believe you feel this way?
3009. If no, have you noticed that a lot of people around you feel this way?
i have not noticed this because a lot of people around me at the moment don't seem that way. but there are some people i know that feel this way only because we have talked about it.

3011. "An eight track stereo, a color tv in every room and a half a piece of dope everyday. That's the american dream, nigga'", How do you feel about the above quote?
it sounds pretty funny

3012. What is it from?
a movie?
3013. What year is it from?
umm....... >___<

3014. Do you believe that you will someday be famous?
no. i don't really want to be famous anyway. i just want to be sucesful and add happiness to my life ^^

3015. What is YOUR IDEA of success?
whatever it is that makes you happy and you go for it, that is how i measure success

3016. Do you believe that you will be successful?

3017. Will you be successful without hard work?

3018. What brings you bad luck?

Is it true that you:
3019. Claim to be goth, punk, prep, emo or any other label? no
3020. Claim that your opinion is RIGHT? no
3021. claim that your religion is RIGHT? no
3022. Claim to be a fan of a band when you really only like a few songs? no
3023. Do ANYTHING to fit in or be accepted by ANYONE? no i really don't care about fitting in. if they don't like me then they don't like me :P
3024. REFUSE to listen to the ideas or thoughts of others? sometimes i refuse only because they have an agenda
3025. tell others to shut up? yup
3026. say I HATE (insert any band)? no
3027. say I HATE (insert anything)? hmmmmm i don't really hate anything
3028. Only appreciate certain things that you LIKE? no
3029. like only one style of music? definitely not
3030. like only one style of clothes? definitely not
3031. hate a style of music? yes
3032. hate life? no

3033. Is it true that you:
3034. don't listen when parents, elders or authorities talk? i listen, do i do what they tell me is a different thing
3035. do everything parents, elders and authoritys tell you? no way
3036. do things or want things because it looked cool on mtv? i don't watch MTV
3037. hate everyone? no
3038. hate everything? no
3039. hate disco? no i love disco!
3040. hate rap? no

3041-3045 These question is for the guys

You are at her home with her. Both of you have drank a little wine, enough to loosen the inhibitions while not getting tipsy. You have snugled on the couch and it's a good time for bed. You've been romantic, but you've not made any big moves on her. You're not sure if you are up to a night of love making or even if she's in the mood.
She goes to the bedroom to put on something more comfortable... When she returns she is wearing an outfit that looks great on her and you notice that she has her hands tied in front of her, with a scrunchee...

She stands in front of you and giggles nerviously. You search for words to express how you feel, but before you can get any words out she gets on her knees in front of you and reachs out to hold your hand with both of hers. Your eyes find hers...

Well let's just switch this around since i am a girl, and the guy is the one doing this to me.:

3041. How do you react to this? hold his hands and ask 'what did you have in mind?'
3042. What message do you think he is sending? 'let's play' in a sexual sort of way
3043. What do you do next? probably kiss him
3044. Is this a good way for him to approach his fantasy with you? sure why not?
3045. If not, what would be a better way for him to approach you about wanting to be controled during sex(consider that just outright talking about it might be hard for him)?

    well it's never that hard for guys to talk about their fantasies, and actually i have no problem with this either. hmmm if the guy is coming to me....and he wants me to be the one in control that time, it would just be easier if he told me while he says some really sexy things at the same time.

3046-3050 These questions is for the girls

You are at his home with him. Both of you have drank a little wine, enough to loosen the inhibitions while not getting tipsy. You have snugled on the couch and it's a good time for bed. You've been romantic, but you've not made any big moves on him. You're not sure if you are up to a night of love making or even if he's in the mood.
He goes to the bedroom to put on something more comfortable... When he returns she is wearing an outfit that looks great on him. He sits next to you. You kiss and kiss. You move your hands down his body to his chest and start unbuttoning his shirt but he stops you and whispers seductively..'A good slave unbuttons them with her teeth..and you do want to be my slave, don't you?' 3046. What do you do? ask him "and if i fail at this task...?"

3047. How do you react to this?

i would ask him, "and if i failed at this task...?"

3048. What message do you think he is sending?
a super good one

3049. Is this a good way for him to approach his fantasy with you?
for sure

3050. If not, what would be a better way for him to appraoch you about wanting to be in control during sex(consider that just outright talking about it might be hard for him)?

Is it true that you...
3051. are politically correct?
i don't care about being politically correct

3052. are too nice to say how you feel?

no. the problem is i suck at expressing my feelings

3053. don't think the world government affects you?

it does

3054. think that all people who are fat are ugly?

they're not ugly. they just either don't care about their health or are struggling with it

3055. think all people who are thin are shallow?


3056. think you are getting solid information from advertisements?


3057. don't research the products you use?

i research if it's important to research it

3058. believe that the lives of the people you love are somehow more important than the lives of the 6 billion other people in the world?
they are not more important but they are the ones that are closer to me than a total stranger who wouldn't even care about me

3059. believe that the lives of your country men or woman are somehow more valuble than the lives of people from other countries?

3060. believe your ideas are somehow worth more than the ideas of others?

3061. repress things rather than deal with them?

i just deal with them if it's important

3062. mindlessly self indulge ?

nope. although oreo cookies are hard to ignore

3063. think there is only one right way?


3064. think that this one right way could possibly be right for ALL of the 6 billion people on this planet?


3065. Decide something is UNTRUE just because you don't AGREE with it or you don't LIKE it?

3066. What do you think of the out-dated chinese custom of foot-binding (tieing a baby girl's toes under her foot, even if you have to break the bone, making her walk with her toes under her foot(or hobble) because chinease men like small fett)?
it's strange and a woman should never sacrifice so much pain just so a man can be satisfied

3067. What do you think of plastic surgery?
if i had money i still wouldn't do it

3068. Is there a difference between foot binding and plastic surgery? What?
hmmm....i think so. plastic surgery requires doses of chemicals
Are there any similarities between foot-binding and plastic surgery? What?
actions that people do for a conceptualized image of beauty

3069. Would you be likely to continue reading a book that began: 'It was a bright, defrosted, pussy-willow day at the onset of Spring, and the newlyweds were driving cross-country in a large roast turkey.'?
no. i'm bored already

3070. If I don't quit smoking then I will sing a song.
If I sing a song then I either play an instrument or run a mile.
I do not play an instrument or run a mile.
Therefore I quit smoking.
Is this a valid argument?
its not a valid argument

3071. What came first, the acorn or the tree?
i dunno

3072. What is surrealism?
If you were putting together a surrealist work of art, what would you do?
i have no idea

3073. What did you do on Halloween?
i slept

3074. Some bees have made a comfortable nest for the winter inside your air conditionar. How would you remove the air conditioner from the window?
put bee suit on and remove it from the outside. or since i don't want to do this i would just call animal control or something and pay them to do it

3075. Why is quiet contemplation important?
because it is!!!!

3076. Do you spend lots of time in quiet contemplation? How about any time?
yes. i do it often

If not, what distracts you?
wanting to pee.

3077. What is the lowest you have ever felt?
- 20 degrees (f).....that was way too cold

3078. Who has changed your life dramatically for the better?

3079. Is all you christmas shopping done?
i don't do any

3080. Who is the greatest writer you can think of and why?

3081. Are people either good or evil?
neither. they are just people

3082. Can people be BOTH good an evil?
i dunno

3083. Is there good in a rapist or a murderer?
Is there evil in Mother Thereasa?
? who's that?

3084. You are in a classroom setting. A teacher has asked for a surrealist project. One person comes in with cards. Each card has a picture. Some of the pictures are a breast, a penis, a urinal, open heart surgery, a woman sucking on a vaccum tube, etc. On the back of each picture is a phrase like 'Fuck you and all of your lesbian fish eating friends' or 'people who speak in metaphors oughtta shampoo my crotch'. The artist asks each person to take a random card, go around the room and at their turn hold up the card with the picture side out and read the phrase on the back.

Would you do it? ya. sounds like fun
How would you feel about it? interested
What do you think the artist's intent is? no idea.

3085. Are you satisfied?
in some ways yes

3087. How fast do you drive?
depends on what kind of road/highway it is, and how tired i am

3088. What do you want that you don't need?
rilakkuma pajamas

3089. What do you have that you wish you didn't?
my tall height.

3090. What does it mean when someone suggests that you don't own your possettions, they own you?
they are saying you are materialistic

3091. Where do you get motivation?

3092. Did you ever wanna get with one of your teachers?
Did you ever actually get with one?

3093. Have you ever had this happen, where one day you completely believe one thing and the next day you don't believe it anymore?
If yes, do you lie about your change of beliefs in order to appear consistant?
no. i just say "i changed my mind".

3094. Do you hide things about yourself from others?
i don't hide them. i just dont talk about it
If so why?
probably because i am not yet close to them
Is it because you are afriad they will be scared?
Or because YOU are scarred?

3095. Do you recognize that some part of you is evil or do you feel like you are all good?
i am just a person

3096. If everyone were flying flags and putting up yellow ribbons in honor of the people who died in a war and someone put up black bows and ribbons all over the top of therir house what would you think?
they dont like the color yellow...?
Would you want them to take it down?
cuz i really don't care

3097. Is a foot massage meaningless or does it have implications?
it has the meaning of relaxing your feet

3098. Are you sick of technology yet?

3099. After tattoos and piercings, I believe the next big thing will be implants (horns, metal plates, etc) and after that will come genetic alteration (wings, purple skin, etc).
Would you have any of this done to you?
Would you let your kids have it done?
What do you think the next big thing in body modification would be?
i have no idea...

3100. What's the most insulting thing you could come up with to say to someone?

hmmm....i have to be in the moment...



It's ok!!:)

ジェシーは心がきれいで健康のことをしっかり考えている人。(person who thinks levelheaded)


あんまり自分の思いを言うことはなくて静かでおだやかな性格。(calm/gentle/quiet personality)



Summer song~


    My last post was about him not appreciating my time because he was texting all the time while with me and my friends. Obviously he did not apologize and did not show any concern so in my head i just thought that I will treat him like any other stranger/acquaintance.

    Took me about 2 days to get over it and a 3rd day to really REALLY just kinda.....mmm....how to say....not care? Yes i am still not talking to him, but i am sure he has plenty of 'friends' to talk to now. Don't take me for a fool. I know what was happening, and i didn't like it. So i'll just throw him off the cliff and keep mingling. :3 I can get over things pretty quickly. I told this to my best friendy (that I can easily fall for someone (I can't control my heart), but I can easily get over them). He told me he thinks it's a good quality but wasn't sure if that was a good thing because to him it shows him that I have been hurt many times so it's like I've gotten used to getting dumped and hurt.

    Hmm.... It is a little sad. ^^''' I have gotten dumped many times. I think I was the one to dump the other person maybe....3 times? The rest, I was dumped. :P

    Anyways, off to a new topic:
    Totally increasing my drinking tolerance now. XD For sure...

    As well as my endurance level.

    And to finish it off on a lovely note. A song that i fell in love from the start and left a deep impression on me, because it describes my passion for this season so well --->



    Oh no no , please. Thank you for lettin me watch you text the whole time we hung out. I wouldn't want to bore you with my company.

Serious だよ〜


   I am a little nervous. Maybe because of what I have been thinking in my mind since last night? I'm not sure, but I feel certain that this is the reason why I have this current feeling. Maybe if i don't think about it, i can handle it better.

    So this morning i talked with my friend and he was telling me that if Fernanda had told him that she was looking for a serious relationship, that would be the last time he would have kissed her. And of course his situation was different from what I am having now. I think this is where he has misunderstood because if a guy came to me (knowing that he was only staying for the next 2 weeks) and told me that he only does serious things, then i would back off. Also we have different opinions as to what a "casual relationship" means. If i put myself in his shoes where there is this guy who is staying in Chicago for the next 2 weeks and we get along so well, i would not have sex with him. It doesn't matter how much i like the guy, this is too short for me to feel comfortable. Obviously for him this is ok to do and I really don't mind, but this is not something that I would do. The time is too short and to me this feels like a fling. Flings is something I don't do. Maybe i have had a small experience doing it, but even then i didn't go all the way so maybe it's not considere a fling. 

    Continue later. ^_<*
    He's here.

Many things


〜 手紙に何を書けるのを考えてる。〜

    So be prepared for a lengthy note this time... This will require me to have a few moments where i am just sitting in front of my little cellphone screen in order to think of how and what to say, but i will try my best. ^^

    Ok, so one of my questions was answered as well as another point that i received while observing their type of personality. He also is sometimes too nice and struggles with saying no. I guess i thought this was ok for me, but on a guy, the first thing that came to my mind was "he's not very manly. he's a little soft". I had this idea of "men have to take charge", which is not a nesecity but i guess its just a quality that i like and something that impresses me. I don't like my men soft all the time to the point where they can't say no to people who'm they don't want to hang out with. I guess i like them a little rough, but also to be gentle a few times. So, not always rough and not always gentle. Basically they know when to be rough and when to be gentle.

    Be right back ~~~



    Honestly I am not the type of person that likes surprises, just because the ones i have had in my past were never good or just didn't turn out so well for the other people. Even when people give me presents, i don't feel comfortable opening it in front of them because i am not good at showing my feelings in such an exaggerated way. >_< Do I smile even though i don't like it? >_<

    For example, I have had surprises been done for my birthday but i didn't know anyone that was there, it was made into a theme that was not even my taste (like you can totally tell that whoever chose to make this a theme definitely did not know me at all -- it was the Jessie cowgirl from Toy Story), and the cake had nuts on the outside (which is something only my dad likes. he basically only thought about himself), and some of the presents that i got were like "what the fuck man?". In other words, it's like i got random presents that didn't show me they honestly thought about what to get me. It's those type of presents that you get in a store while waiting in line, or just quickly choosing something random that caters  to a stereotype of what a 9 year old girl would like.

    There were other birthdays where during present time i waited until people left so that i can open them. Because what can you do when someone gives you a gift that you don't like at all? Plant a fake smile and lie saying that you love it?! I don't like doing that. >_< I really don't like lying to people in any way. Of course sometimes it is necessary, but in those special cases, even then, i don't exagerate nor make the lie so big that it would be disastrous if the other person found out.

    Even when people tell me that they have presents for me, i feel awkward because i don't know what to do. >_< What do i do? All i can do is just smile but i am so horrible at expressing my feelings directly (so i just use a bunch of metaphors and descriptions of nature stuff, like the smell of cafe in the morning and the sun rays coming in through the window softly. something like this..). Why am I so bad at this? T^T







    So today I went to a Office Max store and got this cute little bluetooth keyboard that i can use with my iphone 4s. It's pink and very light weight. It only needs 2 AAA batteries and i figured how to change between languages. All i have to do is press shift, command, and space, and then the options of keyboards will show up on the screen. This way I can text to people a lot quicker, and when I am writing posts for this blog i can atleast do less spelling errors and explain a whole lot more.

    But this isn't what I wanted to talk about. (*^^*) There is that one person who makes my thoughts completely disappear when we talk, and gives me strength when i am studying and running and drawing. And i would like to know this person more and more.

    But just the way that i am describing it shows you that i am serious about this. Even with it being a while (physically), that is not what i want. Ok it's definitely something that I want but it's not the only thing i want. I guess i just want it to really work, but in a serious way.
    The other night Jose was asking me, if the situation came to where we could not be together, or i would have to say no, what would be my reason?. And I told him that if I had to say no, my reason is that i don't want to ask so much from him. Moving to a different country is a huge step for some people, and especially not knowing the language would make it more difficult for him. (I doubt this would happen because I don't want to live in U.S. XD... It would actually be me who is the moving.) I just can't imagine anyone making such sacrifices for me. I just can't imagine that... So that is one possible reason to end it.

    But you know at the same time, there is also the possibility that this is something short-term for him and i may be the one who will get hurt in the end. At this point, I am still a bit protective over whether or not i should let loose and not guard myself so much.

    Why am i worrying so much?!?!?!?!!! I think i have already rambled on for quite a while.... Ima stop here, and talk later tomorrow. :P Keep you posted.



    My friend noticed that I get a huge grin on my face whenever i get a text from him and that i just ignore everyone else. I didn't even notice this until he saw me and pointed it out. All I want to talk about lately is him and wondering what kind of things he talks about with his friends, and what kind of things he talks about regarding me. I get nervous when I was around him but i wanted to be around him when he was here.
    When I close my eyes i'm playing a mini movie inside my head of memories and also a mixture of what i would like to happen. 

    Yup. A very sweet, gentle guy. (*^^*) But i also hope that he is not always so gentle....



    For sure I know something will happen when i go to Kyoto next summer. I can feel it for sure. Even when not talking, I have that ドキドキ feeling. For the moment i have someone who stole me. (*^^*)

    I still remember when my host mother told me how she was always interested in 外人の男 but her husband stole her away. Then she smiled and looked at him. It was one of the few mornings where I actually saw him in the house (he was a stomach doctor so he was rarely at home) and one of the few moments when i noticed that tender look on her face towards him. I had a hard time always trying to guess her emotions because i mostly saw her at dinner time, but at that moment, i also felt her happiness. *^^* And i also wanted to have that same tender happiness. I felt envious and happy for her.



    Can I help it that i have a tendency to move on from things pretty quickly? No. In this sense i am a true sagi (sagittarius). Yes i will be sad about it for some time, but it doesn't take me long to move on. I am still a bit disappointed but i will follow his advice and keep talking to many other guys. 

    See. When a guy is a bit slow himself but does intend on having that specific girl for himself, and sees that she is not the type to devote her time to only him who has not done much, then he will start to worry a bit and make more moves on her. :P No woman needs to lower their value for any man.

    At the moment all i can do is be friends, and of course with my awesome flirty nature and friendliness i will keep doing what i have always been doing. 

    Which reminds me, something funny and interesting happened today.

    There is a person who send me a message through **** saying the usual thing of making friends, etc. And i noticed that he is going to the same school Jongwon is going to. I made a comment like "ooh my friend jongwon goes there", and that's when i realized that they met at the school, J told him about ****, he made an account and sent me a message, and it's as if it went in one circle. And also connected different comments together to learn that they went to gyukaku yesterday (or should i say now the day before yesterday). 

    I found it all very interesting because i am sure J mentioned **** so that he can make new friends. Except i guess i am not a new friend (at least not to J but to this guy yes) and in other words he wasn't expecting to find me also. And now Jose, me and this guy will go to gyukaku today. We will meet at 2pm. If one of us arrives earlier than the other, we will get a table (so we don't have to wait so long).

    Changing topic: Marc (as well as Aさん) have noticed my blunt and honest nature and it seems to work for me pretty well. I don't see why people would not be honest. Well actually i can understand why many girls can be this way <---- cuz they complicate things more than what it really is. No i am not speaking for all girls but there are many. And i guess this is one reason for people to enjoy my company or come to me for my opinion/perspective. If i don't like something i will just tell them "hey i dont like this". Of course i have learned how to be blunt but not hurt people's feelings while i say something.  I think people value honesty.

    And last night was the first time i talked with A on the phone. At first i had difficulty connecting the call, and then when it did finally connect Jose called me to continue talking of our previous conversation so poor A had to wait a bit. But i made sure that my call with Jose wouldn't be too long becuz i wanted to talk with A. I went back to the conversation with A and he was able to call me. (Yes all the calls were made by him jajaja and he even texted me "are u done?" at some point.)
    But what i found interesting about this is that at one point he asked me if i like Jose because he was looking at a previous message that i sent him. XD  I think he may have misunderstand and thought that i went on a date with Jose (but i was talking about going on a date and my friend Jose (as well as another friend) coming to this date with me). But anyways this tells me a couple of things: 1) he reads over our conversation meaning he likes to read the conversation more than once and this means he is definitely interested in a more serious way than just "hey lets have sex and never talk to you again", 2) there is the definite posibility of jealousy of me having possible feelings for someone else other than A, 3) his constant everyday messages to me are kinda genuine though i still have to be tactful. 

    Ok that is enough writing for now. Update u later

07 9月 2013



    Why did it have to become this way? I definitely did not see this coming, and i am very disappointed. I have already talked with Jose about it and just talked with Fernanda although we will finish this conversation after she finishes eating. There are two ways it can go and they are based on his actions alone. He is the one that has to act. I don't need to do anything because I have already proven what I feel. 

    I decided yesterday that i wasn't going to do anything physical. I also have to think, "would he do the same thing to me?". So I will just be.   ........ I don't want to just be but it is all i can do that feels right. I hate liers, and would not want to date one.


05 9月 2013



    I couldn't concentrate at all today! I tried studying, interval training, drawing; but none of them worked. So i just ended up cleaning all the floors and taking a shower while blasting the music. Every now and then when studying, my imagination would just explode so it was difficult to get back on track on what I was doing, so ended that. In my interval training I couldn't focus on my breathing and my steps since I was so distracted, that I didn't even record my timing since it was kind of irregular. And when drawing (which this surprised me too), my imagination exploded even more! I am always focused when drawing!

    I can even talk to people and still be focused on what drawing i'm doing but not today. Have i ever felt like this before? I don't think so...

    Towards the afternoon I just gave up in trying not to think, and let my mind go. (I had woken up pretty early so everything I just explained was early in the morning. Including the cleaning.) The sun was at its hottest so i just laid outside tanning and listening to music. It felt peaceful... At one point i found my heart racing. wtf?! Definitely today i had no control over what i was thinking. I tried but i guess my feelings know better right? I felt much better after i gave up this little war between myself and i.

    It's not that i am nervous, it's more of being super mega. I told Jose about how I get nervous right before something happens, because i have anxiety (just a little), but when it actually starts it's completely gone. I just want something to start already, and then once it starts i feel so much better because i am doing it.

    The other day i explained to him that when i was in track&field, (i mostly did field and 1600 meter run) and right before a race would start, i always felt nervous and had that feeling like i had to go pee. And sometimes i did have to go pee after a race! But as soon as i was positioned and the gun was shot i felt great. I wasn't nervous or anxious. It just goes away for me. The only time i am anxious/nervous is those few minutes (or depending on the situation, it can be hours...like yesterday before dinner) right before something starts.

    Which reminds me!

    Michael's older brother spilled coffee on me yesterday at Cafecito. It wasn't extremely hot so it didn't burn me or anything. I was just upset because now i smelled like coffee. Black coffee. Both Michael and his brother were like "are you ok? did it burn you? i'll pay for your dry cleaning. how can i repay you? blah blah blah". They even offered to wipe me down but this was kind of uncomfortable for me so i said, "how about next time i come here, me and my friends get everything for free, and Michael will pay for it. those are my conditions". They accepted, and that was it. (*^^*)
    I asked for the bathroom key, went to the bathroom, took my shirt off, and started washing the part with coffee on it with the hand soap that was there. And they didn't have one of those blow-drying hand things, so I kinda just waved it in the air for a while until only a small portion of it was still damp. It was a relatively thin blouse so it didn't take too long to get dry. So I put my shirt back on, and head back to cafecito.
    When I sit back down with my friends, I see another hot chocolate with the message "because i wasn't able to dry you off" written on top of the lid (had to be from Michael of course). I was flattered, and i do like hot chocolate but i had just already finished one and i wasn't in the mood for another one. A little bit later one of Michael's friends who works as a professor at Columbia was asking if i was ok and other questions. But honestly i wasn't really worried about it. Really. Because i know people make clumsy mistakes, and he showed me that he wanted to take responsibility for his actions. So i wasn't mad at all.

    I would have been irritated if i had not worn a black top that day. I am soooooo glad that i wore a black top, because then i would have been like "ok Jose! we are going shopping, and you're coming with me cuz there is no way that I am going to dinner to see a hot guy with a stained shirt!". And actually i told this to Jose also. And he also figured that we would have done this had i not worn a black blouse. He's a good friend.

    During this time i taught Jose how to look at empty space (for fabric being worn) and how fabric folds depending on where the pressure is put. I only know this because i need to know in order for clothes to look normal when i am drawing them. I was pointing out to him, as an example, that i can see he has large muscles on his legs because of the way his pants don't hug him in certain areas (this is what i mean by the empty space), but in other parts it is clearly visible. And I also showed him that i can notice this because of the natural crease that is created when he stands up.

    Then i pointed him out the way the fabric of his shirt was creating folds that started from his left shoulder and did a natural curve to his right hip. This then tells me that he is leaning more on his left shoulder than the other. Had he put equal weight on both his shoulders, his shirt would appear more flat and should not have many folds. So he tried it, and guess what? It happened. jajaja He thought it was cool.


    And I was able to take off the coffee smell and replace it with soap smell. XD I like smelling like soap. I mean, have you ever passed a person who had just taken a shower and you thought to yourself, "mmmm he/she smells really clean"?!

    Anyways, it's getting late and I need to wake up early tomorrow to do my hair. Gotta look good. :P



    My heart has escaped from me on a cloud, and this time I don't mind. I'm just watching it go away with a corner smile on my face. Sometimes I do get up and walk towards it to be careful it doesn't fall, but from a good distance so that i'm not hovering over it too much and not be able to progress on its own. 

    Even last night, I lost track of my heart and i was worried but i let it slip away from me for the rest of that time. Another cloud came in and reassured me it was ok, and although i was still hesitant i just went for it.

03 9月 2013



    I'm a bit anxious. Fernanda knows everything already (i showed her), and she says he already offered me a ride home (i think he meant it as picking me up), so he is interested in me and will try to do something today. 

    I wasn't sure he had interest in me until after i had suggested to him he should hang out with us. And I think it's really sweet to offer me a ride (he wants to provide), and i would be extremely mega super happy if he tried something. During this train ride i'll just imagine a scenario in my head. (*^^*)

    P.S. Forgot i had ISEE mentor meeting today. 3:30 - 5PM. And i smell someone eating banana!!!

02 9月 2013



I got this from my friend (lives in Japan), and it made me happy. (*^^*)
If only more people sent little packages and letters. To me it has more feeling in it, and the thought of waiting for my mail drives me crazy sometimes, but i love getting that letter (and throw all the junk mail away) and just reading it over and over again.

He also sent me these stickers of Mt. Fuji. I forgot the artist's name already but it looks like the same style but...changed to add more modern things like the fishing and jockey guys.

Then I drank half of each bottle. They are extremely small bottles. Like....one bottle is one wine glass. And I already felt tipsy after the second one. I really like them. Personally I prefer the Pink Moscato from Argentina than the regular Moscato from Chile. The Chile one was a bit more mild, and the Argentina one had a kick/added flavor to it.

And of course studying, doing early homework so all i have to do in class is just talk and talk and talk. I'm done with all my major classes, my senior capstone, so this year i'm just taking it easy. I won't be having the teacher that I like for my main japanese classes on monday and wednesdays but i can't do anything about that. :/ Will just have to deal with it, and also look forward to more animation classes this year.


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