28 9月 2013

5000 Questions Part 32

3001. What is your half-birthday?
i have no idea

3002. When is your un-birthday?
what is that?

3003. Do you like movies about:
time travel? yes!
the 80's? sure
drugs? sure
crazy people? yes
hallucinations? yes
aeroplanes? sure?
death? um...well this is kind of broad but sure
life? yes
the meaning of life? not always. sometimes yes, but it really depends on what perspective it takes
fate? sure why not

3005. If you were going to write a book what would it be about?
short stories, or like a collection of short stories/essays/etc.

3006. Is radio obsolete?
mmmm. i don't know what you're talking about >__<

3007. Do you feel like you are entitled to have things without working for them?
no. i like working for things because then i feel like i accomplished something. some people think that i am "just being humble" but that is how i truly feel. i feel guilty or worthless when things are just given to me without me doing anything, and that i don't deserve it BECAUSE i didn't do anything

3008. If yes than why do you believe you feel this way?
3009. If no, have you noticed that a lot of people around you feel this way?
i have not noticed this because a lot of people around me at the moment don't seem that way. but there are some people i know that feel this way only because we have talked about it.

3011. "An eight track stereo, a color tv in every room and a half a piece of dope everyday. That's the american dream, nigga'", How do you feel about the above quote?
it sounds pretty funny

3012. What is it from?
a movie?
3013. What year is it from?
umm....... >___<

3014. Do you believe that you will someday be famous?
no. i don't really want to be famous anyway. i just want to be sucesful and add happiness to my life ^^

3015. What is YOUR IDEA of success?
whatever it is that makes you happy and you go for it, that is how i measure success

3016. Do you believe that you will be successful?

3017. Will you be successful without hard work?

3018. What brings you bad luck?

Is it true that you:
3019. Claim to be goth, punk, prep, emo or any other label? no
3020. Claim that your opinion is RIGHT? no
3021. claim that your religion is RIGHT? no
3022. Claim to be a fan of a band when you really only like a few songs? no
3023. Do ANYTHING to fit in or be accepted by ANYONE? no i really don't care about fitting in. if they don't like me then they don't like me :P
3024. REFUSE to listen to the ideas or thoughts of others? sometimes i refuse only because they have an agenda
3025. tell others to shut up? yup
3026. say I HATE (insert any band)? no
3027. say I HATE (insert anything)? hmmmmm i don't really hate anything
3028. Only appreciate certain things that you LIKE? no
3029. like only one style of music? definitely not
3030. like only one style of clothes? definitely not
3031. hate a style of music? yes
3032. hate life? no

3033. Is it true that you:
3034. don't listen when parents, elders or authorities talk? i listen, do i do what they tell me is a different thing
3035. do everything parents, elders and authoritys tell you? no way
3036. do things or want things because it looked cool on mtv? i don't watch MTV
3037. hate everyone? no
3038. hate everything? no
3039. hate disco? no i love disco!
3040. hate rap? no

3041-3045 These question is for the guys

You are at her home with her. Both of you have drank a little wine, enough to loosen the inhibitions while not getting tipsy. You have snugled on the couch and it's a good time for bed. You've been romantic, but you've not made any big moves on her. You're not sure if you are up to a night of love making or even if she's in the mood.
She goes to the bedroom to put on something more comfortable... When she returns she is wearing an outfit that looks great on her and you notice that she has her hands tied in front of her, with a scrunchee...

She stands in front of you and giggles nerviously. You search for words to express how you feel, but before you can get any words out she gets on her knees in front of you and reachs out to hold your hand with both of hers. Your eyes find hers...

Well let's just switch this around since i am a girl, and the guy is the one doing this to me.:

3041. How do you react to this? hold his hands and ask 'what did you have in mind?'
3042. What message do you think he is sending? 'let's play' in a sexual sort of way
3043. What do you do next? probably kiss him
3044. Is this a good way for him to approach his fantasy with you? sure why not?
3045. If not, what would be a better way for him to approach you about wanting to be controled during sex(consider that just outright talking about it might be hard for him)?

    well it's never that hard for guys to talk about their fantasies, and actually i have no problem with this either. hmmm if the guy is coming to me....and he wants me to be the one in control that time, it would just be easier if he told me while he says some really sexy things at the same time.

3046-3050 These questions is for the girls

You are at his home with him. Both of you have drank a little wine, enough to loosen the inhibitions while not getting tipsy. You have snugled on the couch and it's a good time for bed. You've been romantic, but you've not made any big moves on him. You're not sure if you are up to a night of love making or even if he's in the mood.
He goes to the bedroom to put on something more comfortable... When he returns she is wearing an outfit that looks great on him. He sits next to you. You kiss and kiss. You move your hands down his body to his chest and start unbuttoning his shirt but he stops you and whispers seductively..'A good slave unbuttons them with her teeth..and you do want to be my slave, don't you?' 3046. What do you do? ask him "and if i fail at this task...?"

3047. How do you react to this?

i would ask him, "and if i failed at this task...?"

3048. What message do you think he is sending?
a super good one

3049. Is this a good way for him to approach his fantasy with you?
for sure

3050. If not, what would be a better way for him to appraoch you about wanting to be in control during sex(consider that just outright talking about it might be hard for him)?

Is it true that you...
3051. are politically correct?
i don't care about being politically correct

3052. are too nice to say how you feel?

no. the problem is i suck at expressing my feelings

3053. don't think the world government affects you?

it does

3054. think that all people who are fat are ugly?

they're not ugly. they just either don't care about their health or are struggling with it

3055. think all people who are thin are shallow?


3056. think you are getting solid information from advertisements?


3057. don't research the products you use?

i research if it's important to research it

3058. believe that the lives of the people you love are somehow more important than the lives of the 6 billion other people in the world?
they are not more important but they are the ones that are closer to me than a total stranger who wouldn't even care about me

3059. believe that the lives of your country men or woman are somehow more valuble than the lives of people from other countries?

3060. believe your ideas are somehow worth more than the ideas of others?

3061. repress things rather than deal with them?

i just deal with them if it's important

3062. mindlessly self indulge ?

nope. although oreo cookies are hard to ignore

3063. think there is only one right way?


3064. think that this one right way could possibly be right for ALL of the 6 billion people on this planet?


3065. Decide something is UNTRUE just because you don't AGREE with it or you don't LIKE it?

3066. What do you think of the out-dated chinese custom of foot-binding (tieing a baby girl's toes under her foot, even if you have to break the bone, making her walk with her toes under her foot(or hobble) because chinease men like small fett)?
it's strange and a woman should never sacrifice so much pain just so a man can be satisfied

3067. What do you think of plastic surgery?
if i had money i still wouldn't do it

3068. Is there a difference between foot binding and plastic surgery? What?
hmmm....i think so. plastic surgery requires doses of chemicals
Are there any similarities between foot-binding and plastic surgery? What?
actions that people do for a conceptualized image of beauty

3069. Would you be likely to continue reading a book that began: 'It was a bright, defrosted, pussy-willow day at the onset of Spring, and the newlyweds were driving cross-country in a large roast turkey.'?
no. i'm bored already

3070. If I don't quit smoking then I will sing a song.
If I sing a song then I either play an instrument or run a mile.
I do not play an instrument or run a mile.
Therefore I quit smoking.
Is this a valid argument?
its not a valid argument

3071. What came first, the acorn or the tree?
i dunno

3072. What is surrealism?
If you were putting together a surrealist work of art, what would you do?
i have no idea

3073. What did you do on Halloween?
i slept

3074. Some bees have made a comfortable nest for the winter inside your air conditionar. How would you remove the air conditioner from the window?
put bee suit on and remove it from the outside. or since i don't want to do this i would just call animal control or something and pay them to do it

3075. Why is quiet contemplation important?
because it is!!!!

3076. Do you spend lots of time in quiet contemplation? How about any time?
yes. i do it often

If not, what distracts you?
wanting to pee.

3077. What is the lowest you have ever felt?
- 20 degrees (f).....that was way too cold

3078. Who has changed your life dramatically for the better?

3079. Is all you christmas shopping done?
i don't do any

3080. Who is the greatest writer you can think of and why?

3081. Are people either good or evil?
neither. they are just people

3082. Can people be BOTH good an evil?
i dunno

3083. Is there good in a rapist or a murderer?
Is there evil in Mother Thereasa?
? who's that?

3084. You are in a classroom setting. A teacher has asked for a surrealist project. One person comes in with cards. Each card has a picture. Some of the pictures are a breast, a penis, a urinal, open heart surgery, a woman sucking on a vaccum tube, etc. On the back of each picture is a phrase like 'Fuck you and all of your lesbian fish eating friends' or 'people who speak in metaphors oughtta shampoo my crotch'. The artist asks each person to take a random card, go around the room and at their turn hold up the card with the picture side out and read the phrase on the back.

Would you do it? ya. sounds like fun
How would you feel about it? interested
What do you think the artist's intent is? no idea.

3085. Are you satisfied?
in some ways yes

3087. How fast do you drive?
depends on what kind of road/highway it is, and how tired i am

3088. What do you want that you don't need?
rilakkuma pajamas

3089. What do you have that you wish you didn't?
my tall height.

3090. What does it mean when someone suggests that you don't own your possettions, they own you?
they are saying you are materialistic

3091. Where do you get motivation?

3092. Did you ever wanna get with one of your teachers?
Did you ever actually get with one?

3093. Have you ever had this happen, where one day you completely believe one thing and the next day you don't believe it anymore?
If yes, do you lie about your change of beliefs in order to appear consistant?
no. i just say "i changed my mind".

3094. Do you hide things about yourself from others?
i don't hide them. i just dont talk about it
If so why?
probably because i am not yet close to them
Is it because you are afriad they will be scared?
Or because YOU are scarred?

3095. Do you recognize that some part of you is evil or do you feel like you are all good?
i am just a person

3096. If everyone were flying flags and putting up yellow ribbons in honor of the people who died in a war and someone put up black bows and ribbons all over the top of therir house what would you think?
they dont like the color yellow...?
Would you want them to take it down?
cuz i really don't care

3097. Is a foot massage meaningless or does it have implications?
it has the meaning of relaxing your feet

3098. Are you sick of technology yet?

3099. After tattoos and piercings, I believe the next big thing will be implants (horns, metal plates, etc) and after that will come genetic alteration (wings, purple skin, etc).
Would you have any of this done to you?
Would you let your kids have it done?
What do you think the next big thing in body modification would be?
i have no idea...

3100. What's the most insulting thing you could come up with to say to someone?

hmmm....i have to be in the moment...

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