29 12月 2013



     Apparently my friend takes his time to watch things like this ---> here. (>____>)/ I'm not sure what the purpose is. . . He asked me "what girl do you think I am interested in?". I answered, "um . . . . . . . . . . I dunno, who?". But they are wearing winter clothes so I can't see too much their figure, and I don't like girls. . . Still I tried to make a comment. ^^''

     But as a woman I am disappointed. It reminded me of how women over there don't know how to walk in heels. It's depressing to see heels being treated like that. . . I don't wear heels too much because I am already tall, and also because it messes up with your balance and is not good for your posture. Although I do like to use em for special occasions.
     Like party, . . . . or . . . . . .hmm. . . . .taking photos. It was really fun when I was a model for my photographer friend. I wanna do it again. :) Hmm I should probably see how he is doing. It feels quiet now that he went back to Korea. :/ In any case, I now have friends to visit. Jajajaja. In Korea and Shanghai/Hong Kong, and Indonesia. That should be an adventure! :D I want to see everything so I really have no number 1 thing, just a bunch of stuff. XD I'm just not sure if I want to eat crickets or cockroaches. >/////<

    Oh! I know! I want to go to kamakura festival in Akita (winter). For certain! And I have to search a marathon route for me and my brother. +_+ We talked about it the other day, and apparently the little sister (me) is now responsible of him when he goes to Japan and have to do everything for him. I don't mind. But can he trust me ? >:PPPP Hmmmm . . . . I wonder. jajajaja.

     Naaaaah. I wouldn't do that to him. .
     . . . .I think. :P

     Also, I changed my phone from spanish to japanese. I told myself, "stop avoiding it. you can do it!!!", so I did it, and now it looks like this --->

     I remember when 尾花先生 asked me, "what language do you think in?". We (me, another girl from japanese class, and jose were with her at the movie theater). I told her it depends. For example, if it's math I think all in spanish. I can't think about math in english. If i am reading, I'm thinking in spanish. ( I still ask people "how do you say this?" or just guess. ) And when I talk, I am thinking in spanish and english and japanese. When I am dreaming, it's mostly no words or a little english, because I think a lot in pictures. Not words.
     That's why, if you ask me to say my feelings, I'll be like, "um . . . . . . . (o____o)/". If you ask me to explain something, it's easier to draw it for you.

     If I am writing, I think in english. But this is normal for me. Then she asked me, "what is hard about japanese class?". I said, "when i don't know the meaning in english". XD I think this is good actually cuz then I will learn the word in japanese. Bad side is I don't know in english. . . . >__>/
     Recently my other teacher 近松 asks us how can we say something in english (from japanese). Like, which way is better. Or what is the difference between ---- and ---. I will understand in japanese, but I am not a native speaker of English so I can't answer those questions.

    I have told many of my friends that when you learn a language, things like kanji, vocab, etc is not difficult. What is difficult is remembering, and not asking too much "why" in the beginning. For example, it is a waste of time to ask "why do they use kanji? why don't they use only kana?". Most of the why questions is what makes us think too much. AFTER you can use the language well, and feel like a native, THEN you can ask why. But in the beginning this will only make things more difficult.

     Also I've said that when you learn a language, your brain is like this: (example! not real numbers)

     100% = native language.

After learning a new language:
60% = native language, 40%= new language.

You don't ADD more space to your brain. XD It's like, you take away something in order to put something new.

And now I will go to sleep to this song. 

28 12月 2013

Shanghai Calling


     I keep getting text messages from a cellphone number that I don't know of. . . o__o? hmmm

     Couldn't sleep at all last night. I think i slept maybe 2 hours. hmmm, but i dont really want to say why. 
          Just troubled. I felt like crying but I didn't.

     I had fun playing Twister, although I don't appreciate being tickled or bumped into. That's cheating. >:| And it was nice to just talk to friends. Last time I finally was able to see Yoko at dim sum before she left. I think she is really busy recently. ? She told me her brother lives in Tokyo and that when I am there he can help me with housing. Why is Tokyo so expensive? T__T

     That day, my mo's friend Beth brought us flowers. White flowers !! :DDD I love white flowers. :3

     Today is the last day for medicine. Hopefully I wont get a reaction again. Yesterday evening, me and Jose had to rush to get more benedryl because I was turning red all over. He was helping me with my graduate application. But if something does happen, all I can do is go to the hospital again. I don't want to do that again. Only because I can't run or work-out so much under these medicines. Can't take a shower without fainting. hm.

     This is really going to affect my race in January. . . . I haven't been able to practice as much as I should.

     I think I'll go swimming tomorrow. Lately I don't want to think. I just want to run until I can't run anymore.

     Also, today I finished watching the movie "Shanghai Calling". I really like it! *^^* I'm envious of the mother.

     Right now my mom has a show on TV, and there's a wedding.  How nice. ^^

23 12月 2013



      This medicine makes me really sleepy. It's like I use all of my energy in a few hours, and have nothing left. But I can still function. ^^ Today they drew my blood so that they can do a blood test. It's just to check if I'm at high risk for high cholestorol cuz its very common in my dad's side of the family, and to check if I have low red blood cell count.

      When I donated blood, I only passed the red blood cell count test by .1 point, and my mom has always had low red blood cell count so I just wanna make sure if I have that same issue or not.

      Anyway, on the 26th I'll have friends come over. My moms friends will come too. But I can't drink too much because of the medicine. . .bad combination. . . .(>   3  >)/  Jose will be staying over again on the sofa. I think he's already become part of the family; like a family friend. I'll have to clean my bathroom, and clear out the table so we can put the food on it.

      I also invited annie but i didn't tell her that it's not just her who will be here. I think it's better if she doesn't know.

22 12月 2013




 I took the medicine and finished this before I become sleepy again.



    全部腫れて、ムズムズじゃん!Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ

    もちろん、いつもこの薬 (benedryl) 飲んではいけないかもね。この問題続くと、医者と会う。。。。I'm scared(´・_・`)

反応(はんのう): reaction/ response
腫れる(はれる): to become swollen, to swell (from inflammation)

17 12月 2013

What makes you feel...


     What makes you feel like a citizen of your country?

  1. I make hand gestures while I'm talking on the phone
  2. when we have drinks, I always go for the ones with coconut/pineapple/bananas; you know the tropical fruits.
  3. I can never handle the cold (but because I need to survive, I bundle up in more layers than the people that live here). What can I say, I love summer. :3
  4. there is always rice, beans, and farina in the house, and we have to immediately go to the supermarket when we run out of rice.
     I just read this article ( can see here ) and I actually agreed with a couple of things, even though I am not japanese. For example:

  1. Like the hotel beds things: I can sleep on the floor better than those super fluffy beds. It hurts my back. . . Recently I slept on the sofa at my friends house, and it was really fluffy and nice to lay on but I kept on waking up at night, and when I finally woke up, my back really hurt.
  2. When the train is not on-time. It really annoys me. Trains or public transportation in US is nothing like in Japan, but when I have to be somewhere on-time, I get annoyed that it doesn't come on-time. Otherwise I have learned to ignore it.
  3. When restaurants don't have that little thing to put your chopsticks, even if its a 'japanese' restaurant.
  4. Toilets: I miss the bidet function.
  5. Showers: they're too tall and I don't have the function to control the water pressure. >_> And I can't sit down. lol. And I can't splash water everywhere. Actually I miss all things about showers and bathrooms over there.

     So that's it for me. :P



マークのおかげでAdobe Master Collection CS6あるよ〜〜〜〜ん。:3

16 12月 2013

End of the year question

ポストした日: 16日12月2013年

What is the worst thing that happened this year?

     Well my dog Muchi passed away. I think it was a really sad thing for me. Even now I cry more easily in movies or get emotional when I see other dogs or peoples' pets. It still feels like it happened recently, but I have to make progress. ^^

What is the best thing that happened this year?

     Oh! I know this one! Meeting Kento. :3 Now every time that I go to Cafecito I remember our meeting and just smile to myself. So I'm glad we met there because I always think about that. What will I do without him?(・_・;

What is your favorite app/game/book/show?

     Hmmm well I dont have a favorite app, but I do use Manga Rock, Tapastic, and the internet for japanese dictionary A LOT! Especially the dictionary one. 

     Favorite book? Umm. . . 黎明のアルカナ and this diary thing. I am almost done with it! ! ! And show? I think it would be these-----> Sleepy Hollow, Once Upon A Time, Witches of East End, Atlantis, Game of Thrones. I really liked D の嵐 and We Got Married (korean) but now I dont have sources to watch it .。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。

What are the 3 best things you bought this year?

     A ももちゃん cellphone chain. (It's so cute! When they come together, they kiss. \\\^__^\\\) And then my running clothes and a bigger RAM and hard disk for my laptop. To tell you the truth, I feel so sexy in my running pants/shorts. Even after I come home all covered in sweat. 

What is your new years resolution?

     Same as last year, be better in japanese. But this year I want to add "Make a bigger art portfolio for future job opportunities", and less stress. I learned that my skin and periods are really sensitive to stress, and I dont want something worse to happen to my body just because of stress. >__>"

10 12月 2013



内定(ないてい):unofficial offer, informal (job) offer
いくつも:many, a great number of ~
就活(しゅうかつ):short version of job-hunting
失敗する(しっぱい):failure, to fail
極度(きょくど):maximum, extreme [極度に: extremely]
恐れ(おそれ):fear, horror, anxiety, concern, uneasiness
望む(のぞむ):to desire, wish for
得る(える):to get, obtain, acquire [食べ得る: to be able to eat/can eat]
下がる(さがる):to fall, to lack (in amount)
傾向(けいこう):trend, tendency


     After job hunting, students who receive many informal job offers from corporations are called, "shuukatsu erito". They know techniques (to use) in interviews. They have an extreme fear of failure and if they don't receive their desired job, there is a tendency for their motivation to drop. Their reputations from a company's side/perspective is not good.

     Students who receive many informal job offers from corporations after job hunting are called, "shuukatsu erito". They know what techniques to use in interviews. They also have an extreme fear of failure and if they don't receive the job they desire, their motivation tends to drop. From a company's perspective, they don't have good reputations.

     Students who gain many informal job offers after a period of job hunting are called, "shuukatsu eriito". They know the best techniques to use in interviews. They are extremely afraid of failure, and tend to lack motivation in their work if they don't obtain the position they desire. They have a bad reputation among corporations.


Why do mothers who are at the park not become intimate friends with me?
親しい(したしい):intimate, close (friends)
言い方(いいかた):one's way/point, complaint, excuse
幼い(おさない):(my) young
連れて行く(つれていく):to bring (a person)
無視する(むし):to ignore


     Recently I brought my young son to a nearby park for the first time but... 「他の母親が厳しいですからびっくりしました。私を無視しましただけです。オーストラリアには他の親としゃべて子供に一緒に遊ばせてもらうことが普通です。外国人ですから?」

     I took my young son to a nearby park for the first time recently and was shocked that all the other mothers were so unwelcoming. They just ignored me. In Australia, it would be normal to exchange friendly small talk with other parents and let their kids play together. Is it because I'm foreign?

     Sadly, I lost the files to the complete article so I only have this tiny bit and I added the other japanese portion (that I lost) in the translation section. Of course these are my own words, not what the article said. T^T But I still wanted to put it up because I remembered that this article was very interesting. !



育児(いくじ):upbringing, childcare/rearing
積極的(せっきょくてき):assertive, positive, active, proactive
語呂合わせ(ごろあわせ):a play on words, rhyming game
手助け(てだすけ):a help, (who) play (a) part in


Men who [do an active role/are active] in childrearing are called Ikumen. It is a play on the word Ikemen which has the meaning of a cool, handsome guy. Recently grandfathers who [are a help/play a part] in childrearing are also increasing. They are called, "ikujii". "Jii" comes from the "jii" of "ojiisan" which means grandfather.



     My computer is fixed but now I don't have photoshop TT______TT! ! ! ! ! ! !
     I need to find a serial number but there aren't many for mac. . .

06 12月 2013






FB でこれポストしたよ。
FB ページこちら
Deviantart ページこちら
You know when you need 50 more cents and your friend gives it to you,
or when your friend treats you to lunch; it makes you feel just that more special because you're not alone. ^^ 

This time photoshop won't even open on my computer so I had to use Sketchbook Pro, but I saved the file so I can touch it up later to be more clean.




    ちょっとびっくりしたけどさ全部分かれた!(^  v    ^)〜



      まだパソコンで絵を描けないわ!!。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。 I need to fix my hard drive and get a bigger one. 









04 12月 2013



 日本語が上手になるように様々なやつ出来るでしょ?はじめに、私にとって、カナの表をウェッブで調べて自分で読み書きを勉強した。(5 letters per week)この時まだ高校生だったから宿題が多くてたくさん時間がなかったけど、休憩の時に、なんか、昼ご飯を食べないで友達と図書館でしゃべたりカナの書き方を練習したりしたものだ。学校の後でも家ついてもっと勉強してた。例えば寝る前に(while laying down)、カナの読み書きを考えて想像して寝てた。さて、高校の卒業の後は自分に習える日本語の教科書を買って毎日単語や文法を勉強して、言葉を忘れないようにステッカーである言葉と使い方と意味を書いて、例えば「かがみ:かがみをのぞく(to look in the mirror)」があって、それから、かがみにこの特定のステッカーをかけた。それにかがみを使うとそのステッカーをいつも見てきて、今もその単語を忘れれない。

 とにかく、大学に入って留学したかったから、その前に、シカゴでChicago Japanese Societyを通して(実は、本当の名前もう忘れちゃったんだけど。。。)ある日本語のクラスを取って日本に行ったわ。:D留学する時にも小さなクラスを取ったけど、超難しくないから新しいことを全然習わなかった。笑。しかし、ホストファミリを通して習ったやつが多く!


 2年生になったから今にかけて日本語のクラスを取って続かれた。クラスをする間にパーソナル日本語の日記、日本語でのドラマとアニメ(韓国のドラマも:3)、英語とスペイン語出来ない人と話す、小説、日本語でウェッブやケイタイ使う、ギャグの漫画を読む、日本語を勉強してる友達ともっと日本語で話す、歌詞や色んなことを翻訳する、ポッドキャストと教科書の会話を聞く、Hiragana Timesという雑誌を通して読めて新しい事を習えて会話を聞けて翻訳するのを練習出来る、たくさん楽しくて面白いこと出来るよ。で、心配しないで、言語を勉強してる人。一生懸命に頑張って楽しんでね!





休憩(きゅうけい):intermission, break, rest, recess 
特定(とくてい):specific, special, particular
noun~を通して(とおして):through ~, via ~ (実はこれが練習点)

02 12月 2013





どうしようかな。だって自分の日常生活のギャグ漫画と祖父祖母の漫画もあるけど「混ざった方がいい?」と考えてる。探さなきゃ!Tapasticにもポストしたいけどウェッブの歴史が良いから、悩んでる。一方面白くて楽しい漫画読めるね。^^ ーーー>例えば今日新しいの習った。



記念:memory, commemoration 
選択(する):choice, option; to choose
気がする:to have a certain feeling/mood
[ ---> 歌いたい気がする。I feel like singing. ]

30 11月 2013




Final school week


     Found a job offer in school but its for a club. . . . and I would have to persuade people to come to the club as well as promote their energy drink. So the money depends on how many people you get in the club and how many drinks are sold. :/ Not really my thing. . .

     Last night stayed up until 3am-ish writing something for japanese class. Because I didn't know what to write about and also i woke up around 8am? (and still felt really tired), ate breakfast while talking with the mom, talked with BF (was really happy and surprised to get a call! :0-----> :D ), talked to the mom again for a little bit, and went back to sleep. My nap was. . . . 2.5 hours! ⓪_⓪ Even after my nap I was really tired and dizzy. フラフラで歩いてた。What is happening to me?>__<

24 11月 2013



     Tomorrow is the last day of this school quarter and i'm dreading the animation history final. >____> I'm not good at remembering names AT ALL!!! You tell me your name (and I just met you), 30 minutes later I have already forgotten. =__= I know. It's terrible but it's something my brain doesn't remember. If you are a constant part of my life, I will remember your name, but if not, then I wont. . . There are only a few actors names that I remember because I watch them a lot or I think they're hot, but it's like. . . . . . . 5 people?

     Anyway for the exam, I have to remember names of directors, names of animation titles and main characters of that animation. But I'm excited because then I can get more sleep! :DD

     The past few days I have been sleeping about 10 - 12 hours of sleep everyday and I still feel tired after waking up. :0 Then on wednesday me and friends will go to Gyukaku. Just to kinda celebrate a bunch of stuff: end of the quarter, start of winter break, wedding engagement for my friend and she is also quitting her job, etc. So 2 things to look forward to so far:

1. more sleep
2. gyukaku on wednesday

     And of course, there are other things too. :)

     Recently I got a new sofa and a rug, and the mom wanted a new christmas tree. I don't mind not having a xmas tree but she wanted it so whatever. (It's actually up at the moment). And also we got a new painting (ok its a picture that was printed on canvas paper), and it looks pretty cool. So now the living room looks so different and clean! The sofa is soooo comfortable! :D I slept on it already a few times (nap), but if it wasn't so cold downstairs I would sleep on it.

     But I want to live on my own. ^^ I taught my friend how to cook breakfast (and next friday I'll teach her how to do something for dinner) and I realized that I want to be more responsible and I like cooking for someone else. I don't mind the other person cooking, but sometimes I want something to do. ^^'' I need to grow up in this sense.

     Ok no more procrastination. . . . . back to studying. x______x

17 11月 2013



    So apparently I can't write posta in my laptop. I don't know why, so now I am writing from my cellphone more often. But I wanted to say quickly that this week and part of next week will be very busy. This school quarter is ending and I have finals and projects. After that I have JLPT to study for but i wont be busy like this week. 

    Anyways, it got colder, and now I want to cuddle with him more than ever so i'm not so cold going to sleep. Jajaja Yup. . . . I admit that he is my addiction. 

    I colored my hair (the blonde part) back to my natural color (brown). It's kinda annoying to keep coloring it and a bit expensive. I want to spend that money on an airplane instead. Oh! And I am almost done writing the book. :3 But because of finals and lack of sleep, I am not writting so much at the moment. 

    Today I took a 2/2.5 hour nap, and after I woke up I was still really tired. I will be so glad after monday ends . . . . On Monday night i'll sleep like an old rock! ! !

    And other news ---> build up your alcohol tolerance before drinking bourbon! I got a massive hangover the next day. Also make sure you have nothing important to do 2 days after drinking bourbon. But I want to go to the bar with my BF.ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Recess Dream


     I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I went into a Mcdonalds and I was trying these new recess (because it makes sense that Mcdonalds is distributing them), and this lady was like, "but these recess are different and are only sold in this area. can you tell the difference?".

     This time I just took the whole thing into my mouth which I don't normally do, but I did it anyway, and after chewing for a little bit I noticed the difference. It was extremely chewy and got so stuck to my teeth that I had a hard time opening my mouth. I couldn't tell her the difference so I just spelled out the word "peanut" in the air with my finger, and then she said, "yes yes. that's it".

     The rest of the time I was trying to get the recess off my teeth, and . . . . .

     . . . . . that was it. ^^''
     I wonder what it means.

07 11月 2013



    As I open my facebook page (FINALLY!!!), I can show some of the things that I have already done. I still have TONS of unfinished work in my USB drive, but at least there is something there. I really need to build my portfolio more. And I still need to add my animations. I have some test animation but they are not really finished things. They are more like. . . .drafts? or like. . . .small school assignments.
     I'm just glad I finally published the freakin page. XD

     And on that note, I am changing to a totally different subject because I can. :P

     I told my ma and my brother and they were both happy about it (I was so nervous to tell them. really I was!! >_< ). Joaquinito did say things like, "wao! how many area codes are between you guys?" (as a joke), but like I told my ma, sometimes you just have to take the chance. ^^
     Now when I go to Japan I have to find a place to do a marathon or half marathon, so that I can call him, be like, "yo! i found the place! come over so we can run it", he comes over and boom---> destination marathon! :DDD I am not sure if I can do a marathon by that time but definitely I will try to gain more distance so I can do a half marathon.

     But definitely I will do another 10km this January. It's the same route, so I have a better idea of when to start speeding up. And this time I am taking my ipod with me. ^^

     Hopefully there will be snow during winter break. . . .cuz I really want to try snowboarding. ~(^  v ^)/*



 さっき韓国人の友達にスノーボードしたいのかと聞いたけど「ごめんね。韓国に帰るから行けないけど一緒にすぐに遊ぼうか」と答えって、ま〜、ちょっと悲しくなったね。。。+__+ 最後の遊べる時になるでしょ?TT__TTだから、今週末に一緒に遊ぶつもり。。。悲しい日になるね。
 フェルナンダとマルセーラがブラジルにか帰らないといけなかった時、同じ気持ちを感じたけど、帰った後で、今もまだ連絡するよ。(*´∀`*)ノ 時々ブラジル人の友達と会いたい場合にLINEやWhatsappでメッセージと電話かけるけどいつか新しいことがあると、すぐに話したいけどさ違い時間があるね。後でその新しいことを言えるけどさ。。。もうニューズは古くになるのじゃないでしょか。どうしようかな。




05 11月 2013

Clothes or boyfriend?


    So like other bloggers, I also follow other blogs :P, and I got a notification from this dude with the title " The Truth about Sex in Japan ". I was all " uuuuh what is it about this time? hmmm ". But before reading that post, I read this and I find myself getting a little sad. . .because I realized what the topic was about. It reminded me when I was taking my political science class (about Japan and sometimes talking about international relations with China, Korea, etc) and whenever we talked it seemed like there was never any happy news. . .
    I even remember my teacher telling me "頑張って" (during a discussion about female workers in Japan), but that the other girl in the class (not including the 3rd girl) would be more popular than me because she has blond hair, blue eyes, and a really pointy nose, whereas I had brown eyes, brown hair, not such a pointy nose and was 'too quiet' so I wouldn't really stick out as much. Jajajaja I guess I am too 'bland' for some people. XD But that didn't matter to me. (I have my amazing latina skills. :P) Anyways,

    whenever we talked it always seemed a little sad, but there is still something to look forward to right? I mean, 40% is a really surprising number for people who aren't interested in sex, but what about the other 60%? I just find it hard to believe that even though the number of people saying "i dont want relationships, marriage, or sex" increases, there are still people that think differently.

    Isn't it just nice to go home or go to your boyfriends/girlfriends home and spend time with them or go to a park or something? Love doesn't disappear. :P

    Honestly I think saying something like "i get to go shopping, and hang with my girlfriends and do all these other things, so I love my independence". . . .good for you. That's not my idea of independence but ok. . . But at the end of the day, your clothes or your job is not going to be there to hug you when you feel sad.

    And the other thing: I hate infidelity. That's where I can't change my mind. I learned from my dad what not to do, and that's something I'm never gonna do. If I am with a guy and he wants to cheat on me? Ok. But that would be the end of our relationship. No 2nd chances. I demand respect, I don't ask for it. :P

    Ok. The end. Next subject. I'm still curious what a love hotel looks like. One of my friends told me there were 'themes' and you choose the rooms from pictures? I dunno, I'm just curious. Whether or not I wanna go in one. . . . . I dunno. XD

    But this song is pretty good when you're in the mood. . . . Of course silence is fine too. ^^

    I heard it in the car the other day and I liked it. :)
    And for some reason my ma showed me this song. . .the tune is catchy but didn't like the lyrics. Then saw this video and thought "oh cool". I think the Indian guy is funny since he prefers japanese curry over indian curry. XD I love カレー ! 

    I'm so envious of their japanese  =______=. . . .
Especially the guy from California.



    This 3D animation class is driving me crazy. :P So I am looking forward to when this quarter ends, and my winter break starts. I want to go snowboarding with my friends. And I also have to look at where I will stay. OMYGOSH WHY IS TOKYO SO EXPENSIVE?!?!?!?!?????? TT________TT

Things I need to do:

go to financial aid office next monday (see if i can become a part-time student. . . . omygosh i'm so poor XD)
go to dentist tomorrow (friday)
buy more underwear and pants =_= ( i have too many hello kitty underwear. how did that happen?. . . .)
answer my italian penpal and philippine penpal
email Waseda
study for JLPT
finish thesis for grad. school =_________=
finish creating facebook portfolio (to show for potential future work)
figure out grant/loans stuff for grad school
get paper work done for grad school
figure out where the hell i will stay T^T
homework for monday and this friday
decide what animation project to do for next school quarter (should i do 祖父祖母 or comic strip idea?迷う. . .)
stop being so distracted from K. . . .what the hell. . . . i think i have addiction >___>
muster up the courage to tell my mom and brother >_<

中毒. . . .that's the word of the week.

But I really don't mind. *^^*
I can be happy right? ^^
So I wanna listen to this song while I fall asleep in his arms. (It's from one of my favorite anime, and I don't watch much anime :P)
Happy 1 month anniversary sweetie! *^^*

I think this song really reflects how I feel. *^^*

I know this doesn't have english translations, >_< but it's about kissing.
The song is called Besame by Camila.

03 11月 2013



    SOOOOOOO My shoulders are a little sore from carrying my laptop in my backpack, but it worked well. ^^ I actually got some work down in class and I'm driving back home so I don't have to carry my laptop in the train. But today felt good. It's the first day that I wasn't rushing to finish my homework. I could relax. (insert slobber here) And I made time to meet with my advisor about graduating.

    I think I'll become a part time student. That way I don't have a huge shit load of debt from loans and that money can go somewhere else. All I NEED is 2 japanese classes, but I also want to take some animation project classes. Otherwise I have time to focus on the thesis for JP graduate school (really hope Sophia accepts me >_<''' or Waseda. . . .I have other options but they are not my first options simply because of the program they have. But it's my back-up plan. . .at the moment), and do more drawings for my portfolio and the book project with Jose. I want to finish this book so I can make money :3. Also have more time to study my japanese. Is so horribuls >____>. . .
    Although to be honest, lately I have thought about continuing with my own projects. . . I like my stories and they are done already. 

    I found a person who can help me with being published and all that stuff (even for illustrations) but she's in Tokyo T^T, and the internship that she is offering is this December (again in Tokyo T^T). But I have stayed in contact with her.

01 11月 2013

HW HW HW〜宿題〜



    I finally learned how to MAKE a video and how to EXPORT a freakin video from Maya (computer program for 3D animation)!!! I think i have been sitting in front of my laptop now for. . . .4 hours? And I'm itching to go running, sing in the rain, do something!

    Here is my video that I made:

    I think I'll bring my laptop to school on Mondays so I can start my projects in class and not fall asleep. ^^'' My Mac USB doesn't work on a windows computer so I figured I could bring my laptop to that class and start on my project during class. That way, i have already started something ^^''.

    Next is more japanese homework. I have to make a conversation in japanese about politics (what people are interested). The one I did with my partner, i wasn't satisfied with it so i asked the scary 近松先生 if i can do it again. So I have to turn it in by monday. Yea!! :D I have to stay on her nice side and make a good impression because later I will ask her for a recommendation for the schools in Japan. I also need at least a 3rd teacher to ask, but I am not sure who yet. . . Maybe my animation teacher? But I turned in a half-assed project for his last class. >_<

    Hmmm. . .in any case, I signed up to to TOEFL (english language test). It's one of the requirements for Waseda (in order to enter). I am surprised but all these school just want a bunch of paperwork. And I'll take the 日本語能力試験(JLPT) in beginning of december.

    Oh and happy birthday ~~ :3 cuz I know you're reading this. :P
    Here it's still 27th, but there its 28th right? ^^

~*~After homework~*~

This is what I wrote for conversation: >___> no more! NO MORE HOMEWORK! :.....D


新しい会った人: ええ。それは残念ですね。
新しい会った人: 実は、聞いた事がありませんですけど大切そうですね。何が出来ますか。
新しい会った人: 私もそう思います。今私の国にはいつも友達、家族共に一緒に政治について戦いますけど、政治に多くの関心があるし国の明るい将来を作りたいし戦うのがいいだと思います。
新しい会った人: それはそうですね。例えば政治家に投票する時にその日に全部の店や会社やを閉めて、みんなが投票しに行きます。
新しい会った人: 絶対に大きいな関心です。今も、先週の火曜日に新しい政治家に投票する日です。あそこでいれば絶対に学校に行きません。
新しい会った人: だから投票出来ない人が小さくなります。


Yeeeeeeaaaa. . . . I didn't wanna do this homework >___> but I wanted more points. . .



    The other day I went with my teacher, another student (who I didn't know), and Jose to watch this movie. There were other people that were gonna see the movie but they were going on a Saturday; we were going on a Wednesday. (A theater in downtown Chicago) And it was not a mystery that me and my teacher were crying towards the end of the movie. (Although she was crying a whole lot more than I did. . . XD)

    After the movie, we walked a little bit and my teacher asked us what we thought about the situation. I wasn't sure what to say, so then she said "my husband said it was crazy to switch back your kids".
    We (me and Jose) both agreed. I said something like "I wouldn't switch back the kids, I would just make them all a bigger family. Join the two families, because as a parent I dunno if I could ignore the other child. I would be wondering as to who they are. And when they grow up, and if they learn that the parents they always lived with are not their real parents, maybe they will try to find their biological parents because they have questions. So I think it's better also for the kids if both families just become one family."

    I said that because for kids, the only thing that's important to them is time. ^^ And if something goes wrong with their family they will always blame themselves. Can you imagine your son/daughter finding you when they are older and asking you "why did you not look for me? Why did you leave me?".

    But to clarify some things, this is a movie about 2 couples who find out that their son is not their biological son, and go through the decision of whether to switch them or not. One family is super uptight. The house looks like a freakin' hotel with a dad working for a big architectural company and a housewife, while the other like in a smaller place where they have to share pretty much everything and the dad is a electrical technician (i think) that owns a shop and the mom looks like she works at a small bento-making place. Personally I like the 2nd family I mentioned. They don't have tons of money, but they are happy. ^^

    The other family (they are on the left of the poster) seemed so distant with their son. . . . and the guy wasn't the greatest father or husband. >___> I'd prefer my husband to be home more often than to always think about his job. . .

    Actually I remember my host family, the dad was like . . . . . never home. I wondered how the mom dealt with that, and what the kids thought. There were a few nights in the weekends when he was there but he felt like a total stranger to me. ^^'' I did think it was sweet of her to wait for him at night but I wondered how she stayed awake. . .jajaja. (cuz he would return home at like 11pm!!!)

    Anyways, great movie. ^^ I recommend it. 

    Even in class we were discussing what we think of the japanese title and the english title. All of us liked the japanese title better because it expresses the message of the movie. The english one seemed to care more about a small aspect of the movie and come from a different perspective. The movie was clearly from the fathers' perspective and how he is Becoming A Father (which is the translation I provided :3) and not necessarily pointing out similarities or differences. 

Love with a westie


    While someone had posted a comment on how to meet western women in Osaka, another person commented saying they recommended a book. But you know sometimes just providing a link may show the lack of effort put into responding. (yes i said it.) So i did a small reply saying "be yourself, don't be afraid to show you like her". But i guess that wasn't much. :/ There was the reply of "thanks for the advice but how do i meet western women in Osaka?". You can find the conversation here (within the comments section). I don't really want to answer because I think this person just needs confidence and is approaching the situation from an odd angle. . .

    How would you meet ANY woman? Meet your friends' friends, talk to people who work with you, or talk to anyone that looks interesting or fun (like the girl behind the counter at that shop you always go to), randomly emailing someone. . .:3 I mean it really should not be an issue whether that girl is japanese or 'western'. A girl is a girl in my eyes.

    And who cares whether japanese men are popular or not? This is what I mean by confidence. It isn't important if people whom you are NOT going to date are not interested in your 'type'. If you meet someone who says 'i don't like japanese men' or 'i don't like people who speak french all the time', then there is no point in hanging out with them. Why waste your time with someone like that?

    I once met a girl who told me that she absolutely hated spanish. Spanish is like my every essence. . . I can't just delete the folder called "Spanish" from myself. So i stopped hanging out with her cuz for someone to say they hate a language, they obviously are putting their frustration on the wrong thing. It's like hating a banana! (Excluding the people that don't like bananas), maybe you don't like the way its' cooked, but a banana will always be a banana. And just like a place. The people is what makes a place. If someone tells me they don't like a place, I'll be like "well maybe you don't like the people IN that place, cuz if you take those people out of the picture, the place is just a place".

    But this is about dating right?
    So my point is, why focus your energy on a group of people? You are not dating a group of people. (unless you're one of those polygamous persons but I doubt they even exist in Japan. . .or do they? o___O) You're thinking of dating this one girl who you think is pretty and nice right? So focus on HER ONLY! And if she doesn't like you, then she doesn't like you, and you go find another girl that is interesting to you. ^^ How to meet her? Well think. . . . where would a western woman in Japan be? Most likely she has other 'western' friends. How old is she? What places are interesting to you? Would you be interested in that girl you see in the cafe or a night club? She's just like any other girl . . .except she may (or may not) be taller, looks different on the outside, and may be a lot more opinionated in some ways.

    Ok, so anyways, that's that! But before I leave this subject, I want to remember this book. Called Love With A Western Woman: A Guide For Japanese Men. So far i just read a little bit of the beginning but it was interesting. What would a woman tell other japanese guys on . . . . .basically how to date us? XD Honestly i'm more interested in the dating and sex part, and just hearing what other girls have to say.

    Yea people keep saying a relationship with a japanese girl and western guy is more common, blah blah blah, and their perspectives are interesting. But even in those relationships, I want to know the woman's perspective too. Not just the guys. So that's why their stories are a little boring right now. Most of the things we hear in English is from the guy. Where did the girl go? :P I'll have to check out Matome. . . .hmmm.

    Which, by the way, now i remember something that a friend of mine said/expressed. He was talking about how he wants to date western women but he feels he can't do this because his english is not good. I told him we can all understand him, so it doesn't matter. I think he just has super low self-confidence at the moment. And now that I was skimming that Love With a Western Woman book she said something like this:

Don't worry about your language ability -- a desire to communicate from the heart is much more attractive than perfect grammar!

    I agree with her on that. *^^*

31 10月 2013

5000 Questions Part 33

3102. Where do you look for the answers?
in a dictionary or in my textbook.

3103. If you are driving and someone honks at you does it ruin your whole day?

3104. If you are driving and you get angry at another driver do you
yell at them through their and your closed window? no
open the window and yell at them? no
throw things at them? no
stop the car and start a fight with them? no!
do something else? i just ignore it and move on.

3105. I'm in the right lane on the parkway. There is an exit only lane on my right. A car pulls out from behind the pack into the exit only lane. When that car gets to the exit he is right in front of me only one lane to the right of me. Instead of exiting the parkway he tries to creep back in in front of me. I get pissed and honk the horn. He (I keep saying he but I couldn't tell) throws up his hands as he slides in front of me. I think this is funny and toot again. He throws up his hands again. I do this about three more times and each time I toot he throws his hands in the air. Then my exit clomes up and I have to get off. From the time he got in front of me until I got off the parkway we drove approx. 20 feet. What you think about this situation?
its kinda annoying. . . . ^^''

3106. Do you live in reality or in your 'own little world'? hmmmm i think both ^^b
Which one is better? i guess i like both? but when i daydream. . .if that could happen now, then i like my daydream better. it has more kissing and hugging in it.

3107. Who's your favorite soprano?
i don't have one >_<

3108. Why is there porn geared towards straight men, gay men, lesbians but none really geared towards straight woman?
i think women really don't need porn to begin with and are not really interested in it. if you are slutty enough, you don't need a magazine, you can just ask a guy to have sex. most times guys don't say no......

3109. Is there more to being human than chemicles and impulses? If yes, what?
um. . .i'm not sure

3110. What if all the boys in jail could get out now together?
i would be scared

3111. If your shoes could talk what would they say?
that they want to be used more? i dunno XD

3112. How many windows are in your house?
10 ^^ but as units it would be 4.

3113. Did you walk around your house and count them all? no
If not what did you do? i just thought about it in my head ^^

3114. Do you think people store memories as pictures or words?
i think both. for me its pictures. i'm not good with words :/ like. . . in ANY language XD

3115. If you got sent to jail who would your one phone call be to?
my brother

3116. Pick a movie you have seen: そして父になる
Give a 2 sentance review about it using the word 'go':
Definitely a good movie to go and see. Be prepared to be touched.

3117. Pick a song you like: Wherever You Are
Give a 2 sentance review of it useing the word 'come':
When he comes into my heart this is the song I will always play.

3118. Pick a person you like: :3
Give a two sentance description of them useing the word 'lunchbox':
Their personality is nothing like a lunchbox. A lunchbox hides whats inside and it may be a good or bad surprise but he doesn't hide from me at all. :)

3119. What do these 3 words have in common: hippo, camp, us?
hippocampus . . .i think thats part of the brain

3120. If you could save time in a bottle, the first thing that you'd like to do is?
i would save the time i would see them again *^^*

3121. Who is the most powerful person in the world that you can think of?
my mom. . . . >____> she's scary

3122. If you were designing a mini-golf hole what would it be like?
it would look like a theme park

3123. Why do you think certain people become targets for teasing in school or exclusion at work?
because the people picking on them feel lonely and insecure

3124. Why, in essays, is the word 'I' not allowed to be used when it is our own PERSONAL thoughts being expressed?
because you can express your opinion without saying "I", and its seen as not proper. For example , in an essay you can just write "This cake is awesome" rather than "I think this cake is awesome". We already know that this is your opinion so there is no need for emphasis. ^^

3125. What song would you like your doorbell to play?
i dunno, something cuter!

3126. Would you rather watch MTV or play GO FISH?

3127. What is an itch?
something that i have to scratch

3128. Why did the holocaust happen?
some people really like control. . .

3129. Would you be capable of torturing another person?
never. lol i cant bear myself to even hurt bugs. how would i be able to torture a person?

3130. How did Hitler's army do this and still believe they were good people?
i have no idea. it doesn't make sense to me

3131. Do you like poetry to rhyme?
sometimes. if it doesn't rhyme , that's ok too.

3132. Does 'jewish' describe a race or a religion?

3133. How tall are you?
5'5 feet-ish? i think. . . . i haven't measured in many years. my friend says i have grown, but then again he doesn't know his own height.

3134. If Hitler was capable of such cruelty to others, and he is human, does that mean that all humans are capable of this cruelty?/
we all have potential for everything

3135. How long have you ever gone without sleep?
2-3 days. when i went to kyoto for the first time. but i was excited to be there so i was ok. no jet lag. but i did sleep like a ANCIENT ROCK! i always sleep like a rock but this time it didn't even take minutes to fall asleep. on top of that, i fell asleep on the tatami floor instead of the futon. XD i didn't notice until i woke up.

3136. Is a mouse a miracle?
hmm not really . . .?

3137. there are alcoholics, chocoholics, shoppoholics, practically anything can be an 'oholic. What's your 'oholic?

3138. Does heaven have aphone number? no
If it did would you call? yes
Who would you ask to speak to? whoever answered
What would you say? ask them who they are

3139. Fortune time!!

1,2, 3, or 4? 2
if 1: 5, or 6? 6
if 2: 7 or 8? 8
if 3: 9 or 10? 9
if 4 11 or 12? 11
............um . . . . . . what? XD

Now pick a letter between A and G:

if A: 13 or 14? 14
if B: 15 or 16? 16
if C or D: 17 or 18? 18
if E or F: 19 or 20? 19
if F: 21 or 22? 22
if G: 22 or 23? 22
you should now have two numbers. look at both numbers below and combine the sayings to get a fortune.

so my numbers are ----> 2, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 14, 16, 18, 19, 22, 22.

5: you are a very loving person
6: you will become very rich
7: you are too hard on yourself
8: cats will bring you bad luck
9: gremlins will eat all your cheese
10: you are going on a trip
11: someone you don't know will be watching you
12: you will get what you want
13. and your life will be filled with romance
14. but you will fall in love with a babboon
15. and salt is lucky for you
16. or you will inherit a cough medicine factory
17. and you will not come back
18. and you will lose the remote
19. or your favorite team will win
20. and you were born under a lucky star
21. but the next person who leave you a note is attracted to you
22. and you will have a stalker soon
23. or your best friend will take you to a movie

3140. Do you vote?

3141. Are you always honest with yourself? 

yea? how can i not be honest with myself?
Were you honest when you answered that question?

3142. What kinds of diary names or entry titles make you specifically NOT want to read that diary?
something like "loner24" or some shit like that

3142. Is writing an online diary more about being honest about yourself or entertaining your readers?
its about writing faster cuz i can't keep up with my thoughts when using a pen or pencil

3143. What are you the last of?
the last to . . . . . hmmm fall asleep?

3144. Who do you really appreciate and what have you done lately to show that you appreciate them?
i drew a cartoon for him *^^*

3145. When people do good deeds are they really doing them because they are a good person or because they want to feel like a good person? Or both?
it can be either or both

3146. Somewhere far back in the survey I asked if Bill Gates or Mothe Thereasa was more successful. The most popular answer I have seen is 'it depends on how you define success'. Well, this survey is about YOU isn't it? So how do YOU define success?
i define success in happiness. how happy are you with your life and the goals you have completed?

3147. Are people making up reality as they go along?
i guess?

3148. You may need a calculator for this one. Think of your weight. Divide it by 2.2
multiply the answer by .8
What do you get? 41.09

That is how many grams of protein you need to eat every day to stay healthy. Do you think you eat enough?
that feels like a lot. . . .

3149. What is your feeling about republicans?
they're annoying

3150. What do you need to do?
i need to do my homework >_<;;
What do you need to stop doing?
this survey. . . . >____>

3151. If you were to start a club, what club would you start?
an international club or like a restaurant club.

3152. Are your hands and feet always cold?
Maybe you have bad circulation.
i probably do. but i'm not used to cold weather, so its not my fault

3153. Have you ever been prank called?
If yes, what was the situation?

3154. Have you ever prank called someone?
If yes, what was the prank?

3155. Have you ever gotteen into a conversation with someone when they or you have dialed a wrong number?

3156. Have you ever just sat alone with no distractions for a whole hour and thought about things?
yes *^^*
If yes, does the universe open up when you do this?
hmmm. . .my mind opens up and then i fall asleep XD

3157. Are you a genius?

3158. If you were going to design the PERFECT signifigant other...what flaws would you give them?
oversleeping. . . jajajaja XD but i like this :3

3159. If you answered NO to 3157, why do you doubt yourself?
i don't doubt myself. i just think i'm normal

3160. RARRRR!!! Scared ya, didn't I?

3161. Do feelings and ideas come from inside the mind or outside in the culture?
definitely both

3162. When you have a feeling or an idea:
do you trust it? sometimes
Even when people are telling you that you are wrong? i will listen to what my friends think but its my decision in the end
Even when people are laughing at you for it? that i dont care about

Marie in Campos Melendez House

3164. What is the differance between spirituality and religion?
i dunno. i think its the same thing

3165. What is the speediest way you know of to get over a cold or flu?
drink a lot of fluids, have hot water with sugar and honey, have cough drops (i like the lemon flavor ones :3), and sleep with vicks

3166. Who is your favorite comedian?
there are a few but i mostly like : Russell Peters, Fluffy, George Lopez

3167. What do you think of Winona Ryder's court case?
i dunno that person

3168. What was your last nightmare about?
my boyfriend was touching some other girl >_>

3169. Who are the people in your neighborhood?
i dunno many of them

3170. During what decade was popular music the most emotional? hmmm.... the 80's?
During what decade was popular music the best? 90's?

3171. How did Frederick Douglas, escape slavery against all odds? There were thousands and thousands of slaves around him, why did only he manage to learn to read and write?
cuz maybe a lot of other slaves weren't interested in learning how to read and write

3172. Do you download porn? (be honest!)

3173. Why is 'go suck an egg' or 'your grandma sucks eggs!' an insult?

i have never heard that.

Life is: beautiful
I am: me
I am not: everyone
But I want to be: someone who makes you happy
And I wish I could: have teleportation powers

3176. Can you give step by step instructioons on how to think deeply?
nooooo. XD i would totally fail

3177. DDid you ever see the Wizard of Oz with the sound all the way down while listening to pink Floyd's The Wall?
If yes, did you see what everyone says goes on when you do that?

3178. Let's say you were writing an application for potential new friends. What three questions would you ask (and what would you want the answers to be)?

1) do you like to travel and have you traveled? yes
2) do you like to taste different foods? yes
3)do you drink for socializing? yes

3179. Which two words of the following words goes together the best and why:
mullet, brocollii, community, blue, phosphor, hammer, ocean, hand
ocean and hand, because i can hold someones hand while walking on the beach next to the ocean. *^^*

3180. Are you dyslexic?

3182. Are you overwhelmed?
By what?
 7 pounds >___>

3183. 'My natural elasticity was crushed.'
What does that mean?
they lost their virginity? i'm not sure

3184. What is humanity evolving towards, do you think?
something too complex

3185. Are you good at cracking codes?

,t y dsud yp Ftoml upit ,o;l

I'll give you a hint. Y really means T.

. . . . . . i didn't get it >_____<;;

3186. How many holes do you have in your body (ex. mouth)?

3187. Now there are ads on taxi cab hubcaps. Is there ANY free space LEFT to put more ads onto taxis???
yup. on the doors and pretty much everywhere.

3188. What's the worst place to have a scab?

3189. Do you pick your scabs?
when i was a kid yes. now? no cuz i dont want a scar.

3190. Who's goin' chicken huntin'?

3191. post 'it' note
what does 'it' stand for?

3192. What is a tragedy?
something sad :P

3193. Where is guam?
close to philipines

3194. Are you bubbly?
Do you drink bubbly?

3195. Do you have caller ID?
If you do then do you only answer the phone after looking at it?

3196. Bewitched or Jeannie?

3197. When will you be able to just do what you want to?
soon! very very soon! like, next year soon!

3198. How do people live with the fact that their time is short and priceless yet they get paid too little to waste too much of it?
im not sure. . . . >_>

3199. OOGA! Make your best cave-pperson sound!

3200. Who tells better gossip, your best friend or your answering machine?

my friend i guess?

24 10月 2013



    Is it strange to say? That even though I dont see my special person everyday, I am still happy. The other day I didnt talk to him for a few hours and I was panicking becuz I thought to myself, "is this how it would feel like? a quiet empty room?". Like something used to be there but now its not. 
    I get that feeling everytime i think about Muchi. ^^" I know its not good to keep some of her things but I dont want to throw them away. And I'm not ready to think about another dog... It feels too soon. 

    The other day my aunt wanted to sell one of her dogs to us, but i declined her offer. First, dogs are free. What I am paying for is vet shots and travel cost. Because how can you put a price on a life? Second, i have had my Muchi since I was 7. We grew up together and she just passed away not long ago, so it's too soon for me. Third, I will not be in US to take care it and at the moment I cannot travel to many places and have my dog in pet hotels all the time. They deserve a home that has time to be there. 

    It's really hard not to get sad when I think of her and it's really hard to not cry, but then I think of my special person and I feel better. *^^*

    Today I have my midterm for Japanese. Practically my only midterm, but still a midterm! Aaaaaaaah >_____<"

~*~ 13:08時頃~*~

    I surprised myself. In the exam, it asked who is an important teacher to me, and I said my dog. I surprised myself because I started crying a little. . . . Like always, i tried to hide it. 

    Anyways, will write a seperate post since its a different subject. ^^~


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