04 6月 2013

Hawaii 5-0

(Real day of post: 27日5月2013年, a las 21:40:44)

    in 1907 there was the gentlemans' treaty, then brazil needed submissive labor and japan wanted to get rid of their surplus agricultural population, and still figuring out other things like: the japanese nikkeijin population in Sao Paulo is the largest (outside japan) in the world. you could even combine the groups in major american cities and it still wouldn't be as much as in Sao Paulo.

    and now that Hawaii 5-O is on TV, ma asks why the japanese in hawaii are so tall?
    i say: those can easily be actors.
    ma: yea but how are there these tall guys?
    i say: well, not everyone....i mean the majority are shorter compared to american giants, but there are tall people. just look at us, we're considered tall in puerto rico. you always have your outliers.
    ma: so why did they attack pear harbor?
    i say:. . . . .cuz they wanted to prove they didn't have pinchy winies? . . . . I DUNNO!

    then she said something about how they should have known US would attack, and i'm like: well they were on an shopping spree on imperialism. i mean they already won the war against russia, took manchuria, went into korea. i mean they thought they were the shit apparently. maybe pear harbor was just another location for them?

    but anyway, both the actors are pretty hot. at least that's what i think. johny deep is pretty hot too. . .if only he didn't smoke. and will smith. and alex chu. and rain/bi. OMG! BI!!!!!!!! he was great in ninja's assasin. although i don't get why he picked to do that movie since he's korean and this is japanese. just like that main girl in the geisha movie. the movie is based on japan but she's from china....what the heck? OH! and Gong Yoo!!!!!! jjaajajaja i can keep going. . . ok ok  i'll stop.

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