04 6月 2013

2 weeks left

(Real day of post: 27日5月2013年, a las 13:40)

    EDC was pretty awesome. Although by 3am i was energy-drained. . . Now I know that for atleast another event like this, I'll drive myself. And then Esmeralda wanted to be towards the back "so she can have space to dance", but I wanted to be in the center: closer to the stage, and warm :P.

    I got home around 4am. It was so hard to stay awake while driving, and as soon as I got home I just crashed. But not the best sleep cuz i kept on waking up. (that tequila was pretty strong.....) I finally got up at 7am. But it was really hard to stay awake through most of the day yesterday. Plus my body was soo sore from like.....11 hours of standing and dancing.

    I did enjoy it. And the Run or Dye race early in the morning was good too. Me, Esmeralda, and Arva are gonna do the 25mile bike ride on June. Linda didn't sound very interested in it so I think she will not come.

    Today I am able to stay awake. Muscles are still sore. But gotta get back to doing thesis and other work.

    Oh! And i got accepted to the mentor program thingy! Most international students are from China but it doesn't really matter to me.

    Excited to meet with JongWon Lee.

    2 weeks left for school. then weak break before summer class wuuuuu!

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