06 6月 2013

Glow in the dark 5K not

(Real day of post: 1日6月2013年, a las 12:29ぽい)

    Ok i think i've decided.
    First i'm thinking of the 22$ that i don't want to waste, but sometimes i just have to count my loses. i can't win everything every time. Then there is that whole time period of me not doing work. I have to leave around 6:30ish. Meaning i have to get ready at 5, and the event ends at 24. That is a good 7-8 hours of not doing work. There's also paying for parking, and the people i had already told i would come.

    "If this ticket cost like....100$ then yea, even if i didn't want to go i'll go." that's what she said. and i agree with her. i think for me even wasting 22$ just sucks. . .

    But i know myself. It would bother me the whole time i do something (even grocery shopping---> my ma is typical. she likes to look around, and i don't mind that at times but she does that ALL THE TIME. and this happens for everything, so whatever we do actually takes a lot longer than planned.), because i would be thinking about what i need to do and when can i go back home so that i can do it already! i start getting annoyed because i'm not being productive and then i keep thinking "when are we gonna get done with this. i gotta get to work".

( i know. . . i would do great in japan if i thought like this all the time. )

    That also means i don't enjoy my time. And i wouldn't enjoy my time at this glow in the dark 5K because i would be thinking "om gooooosh! i havent done anything and i'm gonna have to stay up late again!" TT_TT

    Next time i will look at dates more in detail so that this doesn't happen the last week of finals. and i'm killing myself right now for wasting freakin 22 dollars.

    So ive decided. im not gonna go. :(

    Although i am enjoying reading this brasilidade thing.
    yup. that sounded really nerdy.

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