13 6月 2013

5000 Questions Part 27

(Real day of post: 13日6月2013年, a las 13:23ぽい)

2501. what image, scent, memory, etc. would you take with you into the dark/light, the land of dead, heaven, infinity.....?
the image of the beach and ocean with the smell of salt water.

2502. Who is the most annoying musical artist EVER?
no one

2503. If you HAD to go to one of the following concerts, which would it be:
Snow,Vanilla Ice, NKOTB, Milli Vanilli, BSB, NSYNC.

I would go to see Nsync. but only because i would HAVE to. otherwise i wouldnt go see any of these bands

2504. Do you believe in manifest destiny?

2505. Have you ever fallen for an email forwarding hoax (send this to 13 people and old navy will send you a $200.00(100 pound) gift card)? Do you ever think 'well, maybe...' and actually forward those damn things?
no. ive never gotten an email like that. if i did i'd just label it spam and get it over with.

2506. Let's say there are 2 schools. one for boys and one for girls. They are both supposed to offer the same facilities so that the girls and boys get equal education. Would you take this to mean that the same courses should be offered to both girls and boys or that the same amount of money should be spent on each school?
i would say same courses. cuz you could have same money but spent on different things

Imagine that in the boys school fifteen boys sign up for calculus. In the girls school only five girls sign up for calculus. Should the girls calculus class be disolved and replaced with an easir one?
no. they should turn it mandatory

2507. Would it bother you if you found out that the fruits, vegetables, and meat that you eat is genetically altered (in lots of cases it is!)?
no. i already know this. and what you're talking about are GMO's.

2508. What does this world need?
more loving and money

2509. Is there anything you do just because you want to even though it has no redeeming social value?
all the time

2510. If you drink what kind of drunk are you?
the sleepy kind. i just fall asleep and get tired. i know. so boring.

2511, Do you ever 'conveniently' forget something you don't want to remember?

2512. If you have any cousins are you close?
not really.

2513. Are you in love with yourself (your beautiful self)?

2514. What was the first movie you got on dvd?
i cant recall

2515. If you're sexy and you know it clap your hands. Did you clap?
no but i know im sexy :P

2516. have you ever called a:
psychic hotline? no
suicide crisis line? no
sex line?no
dating line?no

2517. have you ever placed a personal ad anywhere?

2518. Do guys look good in make up?
yup. but it depends what kind of make-up and what kind of guys. like, if you're talking about american guys, no. they have no clue how to utilize make-up. drag queens? some yes and some no. etc etc

2519. What are 5 things you don't care about?
there are many things i dont care about. 1)celebrities. they have no personal impact on my life and vise versa, 2) complaints other people do yet they do nothing about it. go complain to someone else, 3) makeup, 4) purses, 5) many tv shows

live my life

2521. What 'issue' do you think your opinion is so right about that you end up trying to sway others to your point of view?
i used to be that way. where i would try to sway someone else, but now i dont give a shits ass. in the end its their choice to remain where they are. if they want to talk it out more then yea sure lets do it. it would only be my job to push their thinking outside the box

2522. What age do you hope to live until?
i dont want to live up to 100 if it means i cant clean my own ass. so an age where i can still do simple things but not old enough where im sitting on a chair all the time. . .

2523. Do you like to tie others down during sex? im not strong enough, but it would be something to try
Have you ever been tied down? no

2524. Do you own any "toys"? no. actually one of my friends wanted me to get one but i told him it would be embarrassing if i got that while still living with my ma. . .
Do you ever use them? no

2525. Have you ever been spanked in that sexy way? no
Have you ever spanked anyone else? no

2526. Do these questions make you uncomfortable? nope
Do you like that feeling? im not uncomfortable
Does it turn you on? nope

Which one do you need to reaad?

2528. What do your socks look like?
mostly gray/black, sometimes white. i get mine from the mens section cuz they dont have girl socks in my size. so that's what they look like.

2530. Does love float away if you let go?
no. love would still be there, it would just turn into a different feeling of love.

2531. Do you think that most people in today's society are:
kind? sure
calm? sure
humble? depends
peaceful? no
helpful? no
happy? sure
spiritual? sure
creative? sure
friendly? sure
independent? yup. or atleast they like to believe so
intelligent? sure
having fun? yup
comming up with new ideas? not really
able to think for themselves? sometimes
able to really connect with others? sometimes
If you answered no to any of the above, why do you think that is? because some people just aren't

2532. Do you believe that every action has a sexual motive (think Freud)?

2533. Speaking of Freud, did you know he was on drugs (think cocaine)?
no i didnt know

2534. Do you trust psychology as a valid science?
sometimes its more theoretical than actual fact. so no not really. and many things are based on someone's theoretical framework which tend to sound very weird and not realistic.

2535. ID: In Freudian theory, the division of the psyche that is totally unconscious and serves as the source of instinctual impulses and demands for immediate satisfaction of primitive needs(sex, food, agressive behavior, drugs, alcohol, yelling, anger, fighting).
SUPEREGO: In Freudian theory, the division of the unconscious that is formed through the internalization of moral standards of parents and society, and that censors and restrains the ego.
So, which one do you express more, your ID or your SUPEREGO?
i dont believe in these things because for a person to have a difference between conscious and unconscious means that we are not in charge of our own lives, and something from outside is.

2536. Do you think that people who are alone and depressed are depressed because they are alone or alone because they are depressed?
you've already asked this question

2537. Can you complete any of the following lyrics:
I stop and I stare too much, afraid that I care too much...
You're a new and better man, he helps youtounderstand,He does everything he can, he's....
Took the needles from my arms and put them to the sky...
Top Gun shut down your Firm like Tom Cruise....
Don't you take it so hard now, And please don't take it so bad....
nope can't finish any of them

2538. How about these?
From around the way, born in '73, Harcore B-boy named...
And this feeling shivers down your spine, Love comes in colors I can't deny....
Before he hung up the phone he took a deep breath, stopped, and replied....
When I want you in my arms, when I want you and all your charms, whenever I want you all I have to do is...
Silly games that you were playing, empty words we both were saying...

2539. Have you ever been to see a ballet?
yes. i fell asleep from boredom

2540. What is the differance between Satan and Pan?
i dont know

2541. What should a poem be or do if it is a sucessful poem?
convey a story/picture or emotions

2542. When you interpret a poem can each line mean anything you want it to?

2543. Are you an orgasm addict?
no. they feel good though :P

2544. Are you a sugar junkie?

2545. WHAT are you DOING?
WHY aren't you marching in line with the rest of them?
cuz its my day off you prick

2546.Do you only hear what you want to?

2547. Are you anal-retentive?
what? lol

2548. In and Out
Over and Under
Around and ???

2549. What was the last thing you returned to the store?
shorts. i got the wrong size. so technically i didnt return them. i just exchanged them for a smaller size

2550. Why ask why?
cuz its important

2551. What is your favorite song or artist that is:
jazz: none
metal: none
rock: MUSE!!!!!
new wave: dunno
psychadelic: none

2552. What are your feelings about:
Picasso? dont like him
Van Gogh? was kinda cool
Michaelangelo? pretty talented. although i dont like the shape of the women. not natural at all
D'Vincci? same as picasso
Einstein? nothing really
Tesla? dont know this person

2553. Who else can you think of that made a MAJOR contribution to art or science?
sure there are a lot of people who made huge contributions to art and science like those astronomers who pushed the fact that earth was not the center, it was actually the sun. but sometimes i care more about what i'm going to eat for dinner than who made a contribution to art and science.

2554. Who can you think of that made a major contribution to modern thought?
that was totally me! lol

2555. Why is it called 'coca cola'?
i duno. cuz they wanted to coca cola and then everybody started to coca cola so they figured just to call a drink cocacola.

2556. Would you ever buy a Ford car?

2557. Donald or Daffy duck?

2558. What is the most memorable thing about Pee-Wee Herman?
he was skinny and had funny clothes

2559. Lease or buy a car?

2560. Have you met Real Talkin' Bubba?
Do you love him to death?
no. and no.

2561. Have you ever been in a situation where you weren't sure if you were seducing or being seduced?
jajajaja no

2562. Can you 'pinch an inch' on your belly?

2563. Have you ever been to:
a temple? yes
a bar? yes
a massage parlor? yes

2564. Would you ever want to visit Thailand?
yes!!! they have pretty gay people

2565. What culture are you fascinated by?
all of them..

2566. Have you ever worn a cape?

2567. What is the difference between 'nude' and 'naked'?
none. there is no difference other than the use of different letters

2568. What can you get for a dollar (.59 brittish pounds)?
junk food from a vending machine

2569. What makes you who you are?
various elements combined in a certain pattern

2570. How do you search for meaning in life?
you go to shangri la

2571. If your partner collected internet porn pics of celebs s/he thought was hot would that bother you?
kinda . . .

2572. You are alone with your lover's diary. What do you do?
totally read it! and then putting it back as if nothing happened

2573. You read some and find out that a whhhiiillle back your lover had a crush on someone else, but you two were together. You both still hang out with this person. What do you do?
be totally pissed. but it depends. did they do anything about it?

2574. Are you an old fart?

2575. What were your favorite things to do in the yard as a kid?
in the yard? ive never had a yard. it was more like a neighborhood and a rainforest and a city. i liked climbing things

2576. Why don't people have more fun?
cuz they're lame

2577. Have you ever wanted to have a pet skinned and turned into an article of clothing? 

no way!

2578. Do I come off sounding normal, mildly irrational, blatently insane or completely certifiable?
you sound normal

2579. Did you ever feel that you were unable to function in society?

2580. Is it nap time yet?

2581. Do you have to have the space next to the door or can you walk from the other end of the parking lot and still be okay with the world?
what are you talking about? that makes no sense

2582. Do you like trains?
not really.

2583. What's in Hungary?
people and food

2584. have you ever felt like you were holding someone else back?
Has someone ever held you back?
no. yes but i let them go for that reason and some other ones.

2585. What do you think of the term, 'organized religion'?
i dont want part of it cuz organized religion is more about people keeping tabs on each other than actually following what you believe. it becomes another gossiping circle and loses its original 'religious' meaning

2586. What do you think of the name 'Orson'?

2587. What frustrates you?
nothing at the moment

2588. Winkin, Blinkin and Nod, one night, sailed off in a sea of dew..

2589. Is ten dollars (5 pounds) a good price to pay for one lipstick?
Does anyone else remember when lipstick was, like, 2 or 3 bucks?
NO! ive never gotten lipstick but even if i did i wouldn't pay 10 bucks.

2590. Are you ill?

2591. Where were you the night of.....oh hell, last night?
in class

2592. Do you pronounce the 'er' sound at the end of words(lookER or lookA)?

2593. Do you drink only 100% juice?

2594. Do you remember the bills you have to pay...or even yesterday?

2595. What duck?
donald duck

2596. Do you collect coins? no
How about stamps? no

2597. wHAT'S the best way to learn a new language?
being surrounded by it

2598. Is god in you?

2599. Are you in god?

ew no.

2600. Do you know which fork to use at a formal table setting?

no. i just use a fork. there are many etiquette rules that i dont know and arent important. what's important is that that food gets into my mouth and i eat it. :P

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