12 6月 2013

5000 Questions Part 24

(Real day of post: 11日6月2013年, a las 00:18ぽい)

2201. Do you have a favorite song by The Cure?

2202. Are there things you've never told for fear that others would judge you?

2203. Do you have a favorite Glen Miller song?

2204. Can sex ever be casual?
um . . . i dont think so

2205. Who was the last person to let you down?
idont want to say

2206. Do others feel that you expect too much of them?
i dont know that

2207. Did you forgive the last person who hurt you?
i guess not

2208. Does one bad deed outshine many good deeeds?
depends. if we're talking about cheating yes

2209. Would you like to go on television to receive a make-over?

2210. What will no one ever see you do?
hmmm. thats a good question. dream?

2211. Are you quick to anger?
sometimes yes

2212. Are you slow to forgive?

2213. Do most people around you have a positive attitude?
not really . . .

2214. What do you need help with?
nothing so far. unless you want to paint my walls for me and do a good job , ill gladly let you do that.

2215. Do you know a lot about geography?
probably not

2216. Do you take the easy way out of things?

2217. What is your favorite fabric to wear?

2218. Would you finish this survey if it went up to 10,000 questions?
sure. it would just be really really take a long time

2219. Would you rather visit the dessert or the rainforest?
dessert. already visited rainforest. lol i lived next to one. well i dont mind going to another rainforest.

2220. What does Domo Oregato Mister Roboto actually mean?
you're actually spelling that wrong. its: どうもありがとうミスタロボット. it means thank you mr. robot. (or could be robert or roberto)

2221. Do you still make a wish when you blow out your birthday candles

2222. Make a wish now:

2223. Do you look for four leaf clovers?

2224. What are you the guardian of?
my heart

2225. Do you treat people differently based on their appearance?

2226. Are you for or against censoring child pornography?
there shouldn't be child pornography to begin with

2227. Are naked child images in paintings more acceptable than photographs of naked children?
depends what kind of painting. like if its one of those really old canvas paintings from europe, well yea thats fine. i mean have you seen those baby angel things? and if you mean by baby pictures, those are fine too. i have my own naked baby pictures.

2228. Now that we can create such lifelike digital images, do you think it should be allowed for digital child pornography to exist (as in there were no children involved in the porn, it is all digitally made, the kids aren't real, they just look real)?
thats fine. but gross

2229. Do you like wheel of fortune or jeopardy better?

2230. Are you a fan of the Clash?

2231. How do you feel about Jerry Orbuch's passing on?

2232. What celebrity are you dreading the future death of?

2233. Are you a fan of Joy Division?

2234. If you were going to 'make over' your diary what theme would you give it?
a pink one?

2235. What is your favorite tarot deck?

2236. How do you feel about file sharing (especially movies and music)?

2237. How do you feel about wicca and paganism?
sure. interesting sometimes. but dont really know much about them

2238. Do you believe that people who practise the above religions are able to accomplish magic?
i dont know much about magic to answer that question

2239. If you were given the opportunity to lead a creative writing program for a small group of students in a high school with a low budget in generally poor neighborhood, would you do it?
um . . . sure why not

2240. If you could pick anyone who would you want living next door to you?
a person i like preferably or a really good friend

2241. If you were a tarot card which one would you be?

2242. Should high school cafeterias stop serving twinkies and other fatty foods?

2243. Would you rather that McDonalds took a lot of fat out of their fries even if they wouldn't taste as good?
you do know we are talking about potatoes here. . . the only fat that comes from it are the oil from the friers

2244. Do you neglect your friends when you have a signifigant other?
no. although i've had a few friends that are like that and it kinda pissed me off a bit cuz after they break up its like they expect you to act the same way as before like nothing happened. you should make some sort of equal time for your special someone and friends.

2245. Do you think that an advertisement for a cake decorating set would make good song lyrics?
not really. it would just make me hungry

2246. Would a band that used this ad for song lyrics take off or just fizzle out?
they could take off

2247. Are you more practicle or imaginative?

2248. Can you see beautiful colors without closing your eyes?

2249. What are the four best songs or bands to listen to while making love?
bruno mars, bi/rain, hmmm i have to think about it some more

2250. What do you believe in?

2251. What band is so romantic that anyone who listens to them must be romantic at heart?
i have no idea

2252. Are you a fan of Roxy Music?

2253. Can you ever say something that hasn't been said or do something that hasn't been done?

2254. When was the last time you were up all night?
a few days ago (doing work)

2255. Do you enjoy wasting time?

2256. Why do people use safe notes?
i dunno

2257. Have your gods and idols let you down?

2258. Is a place in the country your ideal?
not really . . .

2259. Have you ever developed a photograph?

2260. Have you ever courted anyone?

Has someone courted you?
i dont think so

2261. What do you waste?
sleep time

2262. Have you ever silk screened a t-shirt?

2263. Is there anything that you tend to make that most people usually buy rather than make themselves?

2264. When was the last time that you were neither going to school or working for a month or more?
i cant remember

2265. Is alcohol an excuse you use to be yourself for a while?
i havent done that thus far

2266. What is your light at the end of the tunnel?
a lamp

2267. Speaking of the light, is the light that people see when they die the random firing of electrons or is it something more?
i dunno . havent experienced it yet

2268. Do you ever step back thinking of life's inner meaning and your latest fling?

2269. Can anyone guess what band/song I am listening to right now?

2270. When was the last time you were embaressed?
about a month ago

2271. If you were going to have a mural painted in your bed room what would you want it to be of?
the ocean

2272. Is sex more about fullfilling a need or giving yourself?
i think its both

2273. Do you like your belly?

2274. Do you think more or act more?

2275. Do you ever think about the price of gasoline?

2276. What is the healthiest food to eat?

2277. Have you ever read:
Jonathan Livingston Seagull? no
Ender's Game? no
Memnoch the Devil?no

2278. Should there be a mandatory retirement age?
yes! lol

2279. What's the craziest thing you've ever done on impulse that worked out well?
talk to random strangers

2280. List everything you have eaten in the past 24 hours:
yakisoba, pita chips, hummus, hot chocolate, water, koala march chocolates

2281. Do you listen to your intuitions, feelings and tingly sensations?

2282. Do you know a lot about the city you live in and do you think it's important to know a lot about it?
no and no

2283. If you were at the Everything in the Whole Wide World museuem what would you want to see first?
the history section

2284. Have you ever read:
Lost Souls? no
The Shining?no
Damnation Game? no
Pearl Harbor?no

have you ever read brave story by miyuki miyabe? no didn't think so

2285. Do you have any excercise tapes or dvds?

2286. Do you own a pair of lucky underwear?

2287. You've been feeding a wild cat but it's annoying your neighbors. You can not adopt it but youu must get rid of it. Which is kinder, taking it to a no-kill shelter that will keep it in a cage for the rest of it's life or having it put to sleep?
i would ask around for others if they want to adopt

2288. Can you spell "mouse" without singing it (at least in your head)?

2289. What's a word people should use more often?

2290. What is the longest word you can type using only the top (letter) row of the keyboard?


2291. Do you listen to other people's advice?

2292. Would you ever consider putting your entire cd collection on your hard drive and thn selling the cd's?

2293. What do you think of this survey so far?
its ok. recent questions have been kinda boring and/or lame

2294. What is one question that hasn't been on this survey yet but should be?
how many sex partners i've had

2295. Does 'liberty and justice for all' mean for all americans or all people?
all people

2296. What do you believe that you think EVERYONE should agree with?
that food is delicious

2297. Does the sound of crickets bother you?
yes. i like coquis better.

2298. Is the sound of a fan on at night soothing?

2299. How do you feel you will likely die?
i have no clue

2300. If you were going to run away where would you go?

some other state.

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