08 6月 2013

(Real day of post: 3日6月2013年, a las 15:54ぽい)

    Good class. I like sitting in the back because: 1) plug to charge my phone/ipod, and 2) close to the door for spiderman exit. 3) i have a better view on everyone else so im not answering all the time.

    The sentence i wrote is on the left. I dont know if its viewable so ill just tell you. This is what i wrote: 


 Basically how the kanji 和 means japan, made in japan, or japan-style (of something). it also has the meaning of "to be friendly" and "clever mix". And you see this kanji in words like 和室 (japanese-style room with tatami mats, shouji sliding doors, etc), 和服 (japanese clothes like kimono or yukata), etc.

    Felt pretty good that didnt have that many mistakes.

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