22 4月 2013

Screw that!

(Real day of post: 22日4月2013年, a las 11:25:02)

The people around you make an impact on you and your attitude. When around people who like to relax, or take a lot of time into exercising, it makes you want to exercise more and relax more. When you are around positive-attitude people, it makes you more positive.

The people I was surrounded by in Depaul (still am in some unavoidable ways), in my neighborhood, in the downtown area, in Chicago downtown. I have realized they have affected me in a negative way. Even in the japanese club! I don't really go anymore because it wasn't something exciting to look forward to.

The only positive I can think of is the GTS dinner. My teacher is awesome. (Sometimes he may bring one of his daughters.) And though there are some people that I don't necessarily like, the people I do get along with are much more. We are all just about having a good time, and enjoying it.

But anyway, my point is: that the negativity was intoxicating me, and I had not realized it once I was out of that bubble. I knew that I was mad almost all the time, but didn't realize that it was from many things and not just the depaul people... It has already affected my ma too... Once coming back, that's when I told myself these things are beyond my control, it is someone else's problem to deal with their own miserable lives and not dump it on someone else, and that I have to go to different events to meet new faces. (This last one I had already started but I was focused on a small/specific areas, like the JP table club and animation group. Things that were more of really impacting hobbies of mine, but not looking at the bigger picture.)

So once I started attending things from the international program at depaul, I have begun to like the people from the start. I'm going to keep going. :P

I also found a hiking and rock-climbing group and another for Doctor Who fans.

Why focus your energy on a small group of people that just increase your bad energy? Screw that!

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