23 4月 2013


(Real day of post: 23日4月2013年, a las 16:38)

There's a new train man. (the guy that you have to show your tickets to) He looks relatively young! Maybe he is new. Or just covering for the usual guy.

I realized today that I have to do 2 days worth of work for JP class so that I'm not rushing after the russia class. I did do the screen work 1st because it was the easiest to get out of the way. So this week feels like I'm just showing up to class, and listening to him lecture. It feels nice, but at the same time a bit boring (because I already did the work and understand it, so I feel like instead of showing up, I can work on something else during that time).

Maybe you can tell?
Today is a rainy day. No new news to talk about. Wore the wrong shoes... Not much excitement.
Today was just a lot of work to do.

(a las 00:54: Update)

At the end of the day your career/job isn't going to be laying next to you in bed when you wake up to tell you good morning...

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