26 4月 2013

Dim sum

(Real day of post: 27日4月2013年, a las 11:17)

Even with aware (use spanish to pronounce it: a - wa - re ), there is still more to the day or what is to come. I wonder if Joaquinito has ever felt aware. I think there are many terms from different cultures that explain a state of emotion, and though we may not know all of them, it's possible that we feel them already. Everytime I see a good movie I feel and have aware and so i cry. . .

(If you are still unsure of what aware means, i'll explain now: )

Yesterday night went to the gym with A again. There were some hot guys there. :P And remember the "socialize more" thing? I tried it! (Maybe i had this ability of making people talk and never knew it?) So we were talking about youtube videos, and i mentioned WongFu and asked the guy sitting near us if he knew about them (becuz i was shocked A didn't know after all the youtube videos she watches.....).
And he said, "yea they do some really good videos". After that, we talked more together as a group, and after a bit he left so me and A continued to talk. Mind you we were at the jakuzi so starting to talk with a total guy stranger in my bikini was already a situation that i have NEVER done.

Today, hanging out with Yi and M. Like i had suspected, LT isn't coming. So it will just be 3 of us for dim sum. Hopefully next time we all can show up! Including Yo.

Right now just waiting and relaxing at cafecito. I was reading over the conversation, and there are a few parts that bring a smile to my face. I think it helps to remember the good parts but only for a few seconds and then after just forcing.

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