25 4月 2013

No me haga caso!!!

(Real day of post: 25日4月2013年, a las 11:14:18)

 Working on my own time feels great. 母によると、サラリマン/働きマンの特徴があるん(毎日のようにたくさん勉強するしクラスの仕事をするし)だけど、そんなことを言ったにもかかわらず私にとってそうじゃないだと思う。
 But every now and then Muchi will lick my toes. That's her way of saying "stop working and pay attention to me!!!". With ma, she barks at her. But Muchi knows that barking doesn't work on me. She's a very....smart little person. She is a queen of this house :P


 In other news,
   i took Matthew's advice and started talking to more people. The working guy at Cafecito finally remembers my name. :D And he remembered my usual order, but I had ordered something different yesterday.

   I also felt more confident to come up to Junhua and say hi. That was actually funny because at first when I waved hi, he pointed at himself (I nodded), and I started walking up to him (he looks behind him and I'm thinking 'yea I'm talking to you jaja'). It was just something quick.

   In screen class, (still can't remember if his name was ryan or brian...) but I talked to him and brought up something like,
   "oh. i see that you have a nakama book. what LVL are you in?".
   Of course I know the answer, but I wanted to bring up something that we had in common in order to start the conversation. And we did start talking 'what teacher do you have' 'which one do you like' etc..

   In that same class, also talked to Gabi. She's younger than me but she's a little edgy so it's fun to talk to her. Apparently she is very serious about upsetting the balance of the unwritten rule of assumed-assigned-seating.

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