19 5月 2013


(Real day of post: 6日5月2013年, a las 20:18)

    Once again I have tracked you down my little reader. You have a linux, and tend to use chrome as your search engine, and you are in US, not in Russia. That's someone else. :P But i've tracked you down (twice now), and you fell into my little trap, cuz now i know that every time i post something, you immediately check it out. So this means that you have to be a person that checks their messages and emails on the spot. So you're prompt and have your cellphone with you almost always (and/or computer near you). So this may be a stretch but i want to guess that when someone sends you a text message, you respond immediately or as soon as you can no?

    Now i have to ask you. Are you outside a lot? Do you txt a lot? Are you into apps like LINE, Whatsapp, or Kakaotalk? (^__-) ⁂
    Am i getting close?

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