12 5月 2013


(Real day of post: 3日5月2013年, a las 22:41)

    I forgot to mention. My shelf that I have on the wall of my room fell. . . again. But luckily this time i was not under it when it fell. So it just adds to another thing that I have to do. I plan not to put up the shelf again, because it already did some damage to the wall and i don't want it to fall again.

    So the stuff I had there will have to go to my closet. . .I'm not sure how yet since my closet is so small, but i'll figure out a way to make it fit on the top shelf. It was mostly paperwork anyways. Nothing that big.

    In other news, getting ready for gettheguy event tomorrow with Matthew Hussey! Hopefully we will have a lunch break or something, cuz i can't even sit on my ass in a classroom for 3 hours straight. I have to admit i am a little sad but hopefully i will find something within the few hours to cheer myself up. Let's see if come back home with some good notes from the event. My pen is ready.

    Ok, let's listen to an awesome song by the incredibly hot Alex Chu. :P Yes. That was a licking face.


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