07 5月 2013


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    This is so weird...
    I look at my stats, and I keep getting views, but I don't understand why. Like, how did I get a viewer(s) in russia? How does that happen?
    Even since I have not posted these recent posts on time, I still get views? And especially on a particular post that is only. . . maybe 6 sentences and a picture? How does that work out?

    Sometimes I get a large number of views in one day (and throughout the day. so like starting around 4ish and still going to around 11 or 12pm), from the same country, but on only one specific post. . .

    I'm curious at who is reading, and why?
    Is what i write actually interesting? Cuz i think it would be boring for other people to read. . .
    I never write a post and have a specific audience i wanted to target in mind. I just write it 'cuz i wanna write it. :P And if no one sees, i really don't care. (ok maybe i care a little bit because of looking at the stats, but that's just of curiosity.) but generally (actually always) there is no agenda of what i will write. it's more like, "hey this happened today and it made me think about this. . ." and then just divert the topic to something else that may be related but at the end of the post, the ending doesn't match up with the beginning. XD

    Actually I still have my old diaries (from those days where i rarely was on a computer. actually i didn't even own my own laptop. i just used the old 'hammy-down' computers/laptops from my ma's company, but they always had administrative restrictions to EVERYTHING and it pissed me off, so other than photoshop i didn't use them that much), and those diaries date back from when i was in middle school. I looked at one of them. The earliest one, and I mostly talked about boys and who was sitting where in the classroom, and what i did with my friends. I drew legit sky-view diagrams of classrooms, and where people were positioned. But it was mostly boys that i had crushes on.

    And i still have some of my exchange diaries from high school. Me and my friends were extremely detailed. I guess because we were EXTREMELY bored! XD

    Again it was mostly boys and other things in our social lives. At that point we started getting boyfriends and bitches in our lives that we couldn't necessarily ignore. . .and I had a particular friend who just didn't stop talking about sex or anything that related to that topic. I swear. . .some people think I am not shy about topics today! If they had known my friend of the time, my friend would clearly win.

    Just yesterday i was applying to be a mentor in this international program thing at my school, and they were talking about how mentors can pick from different areas of topics they would like to help most in: chicago life, professional, academic, dating an american, social activities, etc.
    Under the 'dating an american', it said it was a touchy subject that while most people are interested in, it may be difficult to talk about.

    And i'm like . . . .

    Girl please!!! You want to talk about dating?, that's the first topic i'll go to! There is no topic that is difficult to talk about. It's only difficult to talk about because you make it difficult for yourself. It's all about attitude. For example, i really don't understand why my ma doesn't like to talk about things she considers gross while she eats, or why some people (not naming anyone specific, but you know who you are) are shy or (for a better word). . . conservative regarding certain subjects.
    Um. . . we all take a shit, burp, forgot to flush the toilet at some point, peed in your pants or in a bush because you were desperate and there wasn't a toilet around, played with dirt (or sand in my case), and experienced more than 1 embarrassing moment. Stop being so shy and just embrace it.

But anyways,

    So yea! Why are you reading this?
    Who are you?
    Seriously, what is making your eyes keep reading this line?

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