29 5月 2013


(Real day of post: 5日5月2013年, a las 01:14)

    Today was pretty awesome day. No classes. Just went to have lunch with Jose, and Yizhou He. Yoko couldn't come. Wasn't feeling well. Mentha couldn't come either.

    There was a little bit of awkward moment at first but i asked questions to make them speak to each other more. They got along pretty well. To a surprise to Jose, he felt Yizhou was very talkative. I told him you just have to interrupt him at times. Because then he will be talking forever. XD 

    I ended up having 2 hot chocolates. The second Jose payed for. Oh and before we even ate, me and Yizhou were waiting for Jose for like. . . an hour (he was very late) so had a lot of time to talk. Yizhou did a lot of talking actually. He's attractive i would say, but just takes time to learn how to interupt him jajajajajajaja. He also gave me this thing where you put drinks on top, so the table doesn't get a ring on it. He said his friend came from China and he's giving them out. 

    He also texted and emailed me afterwards. The txt was more personal. Just saying thank you and how he enjoyed his time.
    The email, he sent to our workshop group talking about some discussion thing? I'm not really sure how it works yet. . .

    I wonder if Jose and Yizhou like rollercoasters. . . 

    And no, i didn't get to say thank you to Michael today. Apparently he doesnt work on thursdays. I did learn one of the girls names that works there: Jennifer. She's sweet. 

    We ended up talking for hours. All 3 of us want to see the movie oblivion. (no didn't get to see it with andrew. he: i have no comment and lets just keep it that way.) i'm thinking we could do a movie night or something, but being in Depaul keeps everyone busy. But i enjoyed my time with them. We plan to eat together again next thursday.

    Afterwards, i ran to the train station and went home.

    Tomorrow i'm meeting with Ken from gts dinner. I need to ask him if he's planning on going to the glow in the dark 5K run/dance. (i plan to just walk most of it. i'm a pretty fast walker, but never as fast as Shingo.)


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