30 5月 2013


(Real day of post: 12日5月2013年, a las 23:25)

    This really pisses me off. Just because one of the organizers changed the date, now all of us have to change our plans?!!! I already got my ticket! And sorry but even though it was not a 200$ ticket, I refuse to change it for another day. Especially sunday! That doesn't even make sense! aa! I already have planned what i'll wear, but think i'm going to end up alone at this thing :/
    I'm starting to think that the organizers of this meetup aren't very organized. . . I'll see what my other groups are doing so I'm not just drinking all the time :P

    And then A apparently doesn't like not being in control of everything. I made very simple plans to meet at a specific place after classes and ends up saying 'um.....as much as i like that place, i would like to eat something else'. i didn't really reply to that since the whole point of this thing is to talk about a project and not on the food. If i don't get an answer by the 'tomorrow' slot, I'm just saying no. That simple.

    But otherwise the day was good. :) Had a walk (around 4 miles-ish. pretty good but next time i'd rather do it alone so i can go at my own fast pace), awesome BBQ burger and leek potato soup, and watched Oblivion which was also just as awesome. I got an app called "MapMyRun" that tracks your activity and other cool stuff. :P And i got "situps XT", cuz i wanted to see what kind of 'plan' they had. so far i like it. I am planning to go jogging this tuesday morning, but let's see how much work i need to do for wednesday. . .

   OMG! Then i have to start preparing for my essay for poli sci (on JP - Brazil transnational immigration blah blah blah), and my script for screenwriting (another on immigration but more emphasis on traveling), and meet with D tomorrow after class, then on thursday have lunch with Yo, J, Yi and a friend that Yi is inviting, and THEEEEN have gts dinner on saturday. K said he would join me at the potters place on that same day.

    And today i had worn some old pants and they used to be really tight around my thighs and hips, but now they are so loose! :DDDDD I mean before I would have to unbutton them if i ate too much, but i didn't even have to do that! I think that's an accomplishment that deserves to be said. :)

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