15 10月 2013

Zoomin Japan


    Again I find myself being stressed and I kinda. . . . got disappointed by what she said regarding the summer trip. I had my heart set on it and just cuz i dont have certain answers at the moment, she doesn't know. Whatever, I'm still being optimistic about it.

    I jumped ahead a bit and was looking at this. (Talks about visa stuff for Japan.) Now i have more reason to get to level N1 in JLPT! Oh my gosh i have to study so much T^T.
    And my teacher sent me an email today regarding my behaviour. Things that I had already talked with her, but i think i just don't stand out in her memory? From her email, I felt like there was a different image of me as a student and i'm not gonna lie, it did upset me. I thought i had already cleared out reasons for some of these things but i guess not. . . I like my other teacher better. . .

    Anyways, it's my break now. I wanted to finish reading this before having a small snack and some of my homework. I think it's really interesting topic; one that i am starting to cover more in my graduate plan although my focus is more on brazilian-japanese. Of course I would like to do in "foreigners" in general but this seems like too broad. And then i moved to this article about an interview with a guy who did JET and is now in Okinawa permanently and has written 2 books and blogs regularly. :D Isn't that cool?! It would be really nice to have a conversation with him about work and his books.

    Hmmm I'll have to work on my Facebook page to get publicity on my art =_=. But when can i draw if i am studying all the time? Drawings i do now is just simple cartoons for study notes. XD And most of my time lately is taken from my lovely BF, my friends, my mentee (this is my volunteer work that i am doing right now. pretty awesome!! if only i got payed TT_TT), studying and running. My hand and mind have so many ideas to draw down, but right now I am more busy with preparing for test, run, and JLPT. I really want to get a good score. ^^''

    And then I found an even more interesting post here, about relationships between women and their jp guy. :P I remember one summer i was trying to look for this stuff, but it was so difficult! I'm like, "WHY IS THIS SHIT SO DIFFICULT???!?!?!?!?!?!!! I can't be the only one out there!". I mean, there are plenty of stories of western guys with japanese girls and my teachers are proof of that actually, and how guys are easily able to get a girlfriend (even when they are considered ugly back home they still find a girlfriend somehow. . .) but that still left me with questions of the other side of the story. Even my friend Jose was like, "yea it wasn't that hard to find a girlfriend. and i was actually surprised how quickly they would point out to a love hotel".
    I still remember when I was in Hiroshima and the 2 girls we met up with for dinner and karaoke were hovering over the guys, and i was so amazed cuz i kept thinking, "what the hell? these guys are soooooo not attractive, let alone gentlemen. . . . . . I mean come on!!! What do they see in them? XD". It's like they became superstars for that night. Basically the rest of that trip all of us felt like superstars since people kept staring at us. . . .ALL the time. Me and my friend even made a song about it and i remember it to this day.

I see you lookin' at me
lookin' at me
lookin' at me.
I see you lookin' at me, and then I look at you.

You see me lookin' at you
lookin' at you
lookin' at you.
You see me lookin' at you, and then you look away.

    And it really is true. Although she told me that when she went to Tokyo all her superstar-feeling-ness went away, and she was treated like any other person. I only know about how people stared at me all the time in Hiroshima and Kyoto so I don't know about Tokyo. (It was cute though sometimes, especially when these girls on a bus were all shy and excited. So we said hi to them and they took pictures of us, and we wrote them a little message in english (just stuff like "hi. how are you? have fun this summer". so nothing difficult) because they told us they were studying english. I didn't want to go since what they wanted to do was different from what I wanted to do and I had already spent a lot of money on clothes. . . XD It took me a while to find geta in my size. . . and the thing that goes inside the obi. Luckily I have a fashion magazine now (japanese) that explains how to put it on, cuz i totally forgot. XD

    But anyway, my point was that it was difficult to find stories where the guy is the one who is japanese and not the girl. So I was really glad to had found it and read stories about Claudia and Zia. It gave me more . . .hmmm. . . . . . .how to say. . . .positive energy? Luckily my bf doesn't have to meet my grama. XD She thinks every asian person is chinese (this is pretty typical thinking in Puerto Rico). But if he did I dunno what to do because she speaks and understand english but she chooses not to. And she's really old fashioned. Last time I HINTED to her that I wasn't christian, . . . o . . . my. . . gosh. But family is family. ^^

    I would like to know how people met. This always interests me cuz i love stories! Like the movie My Darling Is A Foreigner (which is also a manga). I watched this movie as well as 2 other japanese movies in the airplane to Japan, and I fell in love with the story! I think the manga is first actually, then they made a movie. But I would totally buy this movie and watch it 30 billion times. ^^'''

    I could feel nervous when she went to a party where her "darling" was, and it was mostly foreign people so she really felt nervous and awkward and just wanted to find her boyfriend but then she was all overwhelmed from all the people there. And here I am in my airplane seat watching this and holding my breath and thinking "omygosh omygosh omygosh omygosh omygosh". XD

    Once when I went to Sanseido, I found one of the manga and I bought it because i really liked the movie. Which reminds me, I have to go again because i'm running out of soap. XD I need soap for shower! I like smelling like mint. *^^* Maybe this is weird to some people but after my trip in Japan, now i only use japanese soap. It's amazing. :3 I even gave some to my brother for his birthday. I guess there are some things that I thought, "omygosh this is so much better. XD". So when i came back i was a little disappointed. And I realized about me, that I quickly got used to talking slower in english, bowing and saying "はい" all the time. And I ACTUALLY felt insulted a bit when a guy in the airport security was making conversation with me, because he asked me my age (or something like that. . .don't really remember). I was actually thinking "I'm DEFINITELY back in america. . .This guy is so direct!". Ya. . . . . it was reverse culture shock. ^^'''

Here is a little preview, so you know what I'm talking about. :P

    But anyways,
I'm glad to have read the article and now i'm gonna dig more posts cuz it seems like a really interesting site. :3 So this post became . . . .super mega long! XD But to make things more interesting, here is something else that I was reading about. I was against the idea of teaching from the beginning but now i'm starting to think that it can benefit me because i have learned that i love helping my friends with their japanese and english (even though i am not native in either one XD). Hmmm, still thinking about it. :3

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